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  1. Entry level 223 transferables

    I had that thought as well, need to get on the train or get left behind, prices aren't going to wait around. Fortunately, I found one yesterday that I'm happy with the price on and committed to it, hopefully everything works out. Holding my breath 'til it's at my dealer though since the last one I thought was a done deal ended up not working out. Agreed, for purely a shooter, M16 would be the way to go, I love the idea of being able to simply swap uppers and go from 22lr to 9mm to 223 to belt fed. And one day I may make the jump up to an M16. But for now, an M16 is kind of out of my reach, and I'm very interested in the FNC, so it fits the bill. One thing the FNC does have over the M16 is that it's unique and interesting, a worthy conversation starter. It sure would be cool if someone started producing 22lr conversions for the FNC.
  2. WTB Transferable FN FNC

    Looking for a transferable FNC folder on a form 3. I see a couple FNCs available on the dealer sites with markup ($20K+), but the last two sold here on sturm the other day were both listed asking $15.5K, I'm looking more in that range. Big thanks to those of you who offered your knowledge and advice in my discussion thread that helped me decide that the FNC was the right one for me.
  3. Entry level 223 transferables

    Thanks for all of your replies, everyone, really great input to consider. One big takeaway from me here is, all of the options are very well liked and desirable in their own right, each has a feature set that speaks to someone. So even if I end up buying one and regretting not going for one of the other guns, it shouldn't be too difficult to cash out to put into that other one. I think for my specific likes at this time and what I look forward to do with it, the FNC is still the strongest candidate for me. The spare parts dilemma seems surmountable, just may be a substantially longer and costlier endeavor to replace things. The possibility of future surplussed parts kits is something I hadn't thought of and would be a nice turn of events for FNC owners. AR18 interestingly seems to have the least traction, curious that it commands the price point it does when it seems to have fewer fans than the Ruger or FNC. And hey, as Thumpy said, if I end up with an FNC and find myself wanting an AR (the clear crowd favorite) down the line, I'll have had more time to save up for the jump up in price. The FNC is already higher than I was aiming to spend when I started looking. Thanks again for all your advice, guys!
  4. Hi, just wanting to get some feedback from those of you who have been doing this for a lot longer than me and know what's out there these days and price ranges I can expect, for options for a first transferable, preferably in .223. I've been searching around for my first transferable, started off seeking a MAC, but then decided a 223 may be the better fit. Was kind of set on a Ruger AC556, and made a WTB post here on the market board, but I've been doing a lot of research, reading forum posts, watching videos, and now I'm leaning more towards an FNC. Anyway, here's what the options look like to me, in ascending price point: Ruger AC556: $11k-$13K. Simply a mini 14, but also available in a neat folding variant. FN FNC: $14K-$18K. Scarcely adopted military rifle, kind of the bridge between the FAL and the SCAR. Armalite AR-18: $15K-$20K. Action design was great enough to spawn an impressive legacy, but everything else about the gun seems pretty crude, (in an off-putting way for me). AR-15: $17K-$30K. Incredible aftermarket and configurability, but common enough to not be too highly interesting. HK33: $18K-$30K. Classic HK roller lock design. Leaning towards the FNC, seems like a really fun and controllable shooter, has enough aftermarket to offer a few options (something AR18 doesn't have), and seems like it would be a cool, unique, and interesting experience when shared with others, even setting aside the full auto aspect (something I don't think the AC556 really offers). HK33 would be a strong option, but I think they're beyond my price range at this point. After some more input from those of you with experience, I may update/re-do my WTB post. Appreciate any input!
  5. PM'd. I'm also open to other 223 transferables, depending on price. Updated thread title.
  6. Appreciate the tip, but I messaged him and he doesn't have anything for me. He doesn't have any folders available, but has one incoming, which I imagine is the one he snagged last week on this board and would be wanting a markup from that price on.
  7. Looking for an AC556 folder, FNC, or other 223 transferable, on a Form 3. Edit: closing this as I've decided on an FNC instead. Thanks
  8. New form 4 Fingerprints?

    Has anyone seen how electronic fingerprints work in the new eform system yet? It isn't on the eform 4 page itself, so I guess it makes the fingerprint submission available once you've submitted a form. Would like to see how exactly it works.
  9. WTB Mac-11 M11A1

    Appreciate the offer, but I actually have already made a purchase, so I'll mark this thread sold. Thanks
  10. WTB Mac-11 M11A1

    Finally ready to purchase my first mg, looking for a M11A1, preferably with the large magwell, depending on price. Thanks
  11. I would not be surprised if the timing of this and the proposed brace changes was intentional. There was a lot of attention on this for a very short amount of time until the brace issue took all the attention away. I don't even see people talking about this one anymore
  12. Possible to import?

    That would be such a cool gun to own. I've always been curious about the feasibility of one-off importation for a highly motivated buyer. Interested to see what you find out.
  13. Keep in mind ATF is federal and doesn't care if it's legal under your state law, they will still arrest, charge, and convict you for violating the NFA by construction or possession of an unregistered suppressor. Kansas did this same exact thing a few years ago, ended in a couple of poor saps getting convicted.