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  1. Sten MK3

    LOL he can't delete the post because you quoted him. I think he's not in any legal jeopardy if he doesn't actually possess the MG. Agree that OP should contact the ATF and verify it is on the registry. Value of C&R Sten is maybe $11-$12K depending on condition
  2. I bought a SWD MAc 11/9 from Russ and it was a great experience.
  3. May 18th 1986

    I was in high school, hoping the girls would take interest.
  4. They are selling in the $6K range.
  5. Form 4 transfer questions

    1. you are the seller so you can dictate the terms of the sale, subject to agreement. People commonly do one of 2 options: a. 50/50 - you get 50% up front, then the other 50% when the paperwork clears and prior to shipment b. you get 100% up front. (personally as a seller, I would not agree to nothing down, unless perhaps a +very+ trusted buyer that you have done business with before.) 2. You can do all the paperwork yourself, since it is a Form 4 to dealer/SOT. You fill out page 1 of the form 4, and mail it in (2 copies) with a check for $200. Ask the buyer if you need any more assistance with the paperwork, but it's pretty basic. No need for the responsible person questions/prints/photos since buyer is a dealer. Expect 6+ months for approval. 3. once the Form 4 is approved, I believe you can mail it directly to the out of state dealer. Someone else will correct me if I am wrong. I recommend USPS Registered/Insured for the most secure method. good luck!
  6. I'm not familiar with the site, but IMO, unfortunately that's how many people conduct business these days. (How hard is it to respond to a text?)
  7. Morphys auction pre 68 transferables.

    do you have a link to this item, I couldn't find it. thanks!
  8. WTB: SWD Mac M11/9

    excellent advice. Facetime is a great way to weed out the scammers - see the gun, the seller, and the form 4 "live".
  9. death during transfer?

    I had a paper form 4 cancelled recently. It took about a week for it to show up in the online inventory.
  10. Transferring an HK sear question

    you are correct. fill out page 1 only of the Form 4. make 2 copies. mail it in with a $200 check to the PO box in portland. Wait 4-??? months. (before you begin, save the blank form 4 to your desktop as a PDF. then open that PDF and fill it out. If you try to fill out the form directly on the ATF website it can cause issues (signature box is x-ed out, for example)
  11. SIG SDP22-6D38 .22cal suppressor - NIB (NOS) $275 shipped Form 3 Efile for quick transfer to your dealer. Email:
  12. Remington 870 Police Magnum 12GA shotgun $800 shipped. Includes box and manual. Parkerized finish. 14" barrel. Model 25049 New in Box! Free Shipping to lower 48. NFA Item - AOW (requires $5 tax stamp) On a Form 3 for quick E-File to your dealer. thanks !
  13. BTT. only 1 in stock! - Form 3 for quick Efile. $750 shipped.
  14. FOR SALE: Excellent condition - HK-MP5 pre-may 9mm submachine gun S/E/F with collapsible stock (A3) recently test fired and cleaned. Video available. Includes 3 factory mags (30 rd), soft case, and a NIB GSL Phoenix tri-lug mount suppressor. Transfers via Eform3 and includes shipping/insurance. Personal or bank check please. Price is $25K. Must be FFL/SOT to purchase. Thanks for looking!