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  1. I am looking buy Browning Auto 5 (old model) parts, preferably a parts kit or lot. I recently found a stripped receiver and would like to build it just to have something to do.
  2. Suggestions for next MG.

    Thanks for the great advice everyone. I'm definitely more into the more modern guns, stens are neat but some of the configurations available just look so wonky. I'd be very tempted on a reising as well, they look like a great shooter due to their carbine size. There was one that came up for sale at like 5k here a few months ago, if only I was a little quicker on the reply! An uzi would be awesome, im trying to get one MG every 18 months or so, and they are certainly very high on my list of wants. It looks like a Mac makes the most sense and sharing mags would be a great way to get some extra mileage out of things I already have. So a Mac10 in 45 might be the way to go. The lage uppers look insanely fun. I actually just bought a 9mm suomi bolt here to do a conversion on the stemple. Once I get my mill & lathe fired up I'll be sure to take some pics. Being a machinist has its perks sometimes, haha. If I could get either in my budget I'd absolutely get a rdias or rr, but I can't double or triple my budget at the moment. Thanks again everyone, this site has a ton of knowledgeable people so I knew it'd be the right place to ask.
  3. Hi all, I purchased a stemple 76/45 last year and am beginning to look for a second MG. I would like to spend between 7-12k. If you were in my shoes what would you buy? Are there any less familiar MGs that I should be looking into? Would you recommend stretching my budget to get something else? Is there is anything else that you think might be helpful to consider? Best, James
  4. 92fs into semi auto 93r sbr

    Thanks for the replies. I probably will put a want add out for those parts. I understand that the parts aren't drop in, but that's what my bridgeport and lathe are for, haha. @taylormadeI recently found one of those for sale for 15k. Crazy prices but such an interesting piece. @SGT Fish thanks for the pointers, I'll look into contacting Tom. Thanks, Gremby
  5. Hi all, Has anyone ever seen a Beretta 92fs turned into a semi auto 93r sbr? If I could find a stock, compensator, and foregrip I know I'd be down to submit a stamp and do the project. I could only assume the required parts are as rare as hen's teeth.
  6. Hi KomodoJ, Would you be willing to sell everything except the mags? I see that your post says "will not split", but I figured I would ask in this instance due to the mags being the easier items to sell. I am merely looking for all of the other parts. If not, please excuse my ignorance. Thanks, Gremby.
  7. Would I need to pay ITAR?

    Thanks for the reply, it is certainly great to have choices. Everyone's advice is definitely making me sway towards an 01 FFL, at least to get my foot in the door. I appreciate the help everyone.
  8. Would I need to pay ITAR?

    Thanks for the response and research! I say 25 guns in that I would ramp up production over a period of time, guessing my first year for 25. My biggest issue is betting the farm before I've got all my ducks in a row. Everything you've added is very helpful. Ideally I'd eventually get to be in the shop full time, but I still have a day job to work until I know I'm actually making money. As much as I'd love to just build a few guns in my spare time and call it at that, my real goal is small scale manufacture.
  9. Would I need to pay ITAR?

    Thanks for responding, that is very helpful, paying ITAR has been one of the biggest things dissuading me from going that route, that's very good news.
  10. Hello everyone. I am a small time machinist and I have considered getting my 07 FFL for a while now to make very small batches of custom hunting rifles (maybe 25/year). I am looking at outfitting a small facility to accomplish this, but I would like to start small to avoid unnecessary risk. I always thought that all manufacturers had to pay ITAR registration, however yesterday I stumbled on an article: that states that many manufactures no longer have to pay ITAR. Has anyone else encountered this or consulted a lawyer regarding the issue? I understand that a lawyer is the next logical step, but I figured this would also be a good place to ask for some advice. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Purchased a firearm from Davester and the whole process has been very easy. A+ experience.
  12. Did anyone else shoot NFA today?

    I shot my Stemple 76/45 yesterday and had a great time.
  13. I just have to say that this is one of the coolest things I've come across on this forum.
  14. There used to be a guy that sold 80% receivers, but the part is so easy to make I'd say just buy a 1 foot length of 1" .120 wall DOM seamless tube.(ideally it would be .125 wall, but this is close enough) tube from McMaster or your closest distributor. You can buy a complete parts kit from GB to cover the other parts, but honestly I had better luck buying a complete MKii used for $150 that was in rough shape. Here is a link to a complete ground up build on caliguns. ((( The most important part is timing the barrel to the receiver, due to the integral feed ramp. If you have any questions, ask away. I know this build like the back of my hand. I have a print set as well that I am unfortunately not able to post here for some reason but I could give them to you another way. Good luck and happy building.