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  1. This is a folding stock Ruger AC556 in stainless with a 18.5” barrel. I have owned the Ruger since March 2006. 15 years. I have shot it a couple of times. I purchased a M16 so this was shot very little as you can see. I have 16 brand new 20 round mags and 1 mag that came with the gun. They are all marked “For law enforcement only” as Ruger never sold these guns or mags to the public. It is a 1,3 or full auto select fire rifle. Super nice. On a form 4 in Arizona. Asking $15,995 for the whole package. Buyer to pay transfers and shipping. I would prefer a F2F transaction in Arizona. 30 round mags are available again on CDNN. Text me for additional pics at 602.708.3212. Email at JG7083212@gmail.com.