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  1. Question about transferable colt M16s

    Also, the Hughes amendment of 86 screwed over a small group of collectors. The 94 AWB screwed over a much larger group of gun owners. And it did help bring this stuff to a broader audience. But really it wasn’t until internet gun forums around 99-2000 that prices built steam. The marketing of suppressor manufacturers really brought the Nfa world out of the shadows. in 2003 I remember a local gun shop wouldn’t transfer a stripped ar15 lower for me. It made them nervous. My last trip there two years ago they were selling suppressors and SBRs...
  2. Question about transferable colt M16s

    If I may. Ruger and MAC were certainly factory built guns. Colt m16’s are the most common because they were so popular. Colt didn’t want to sell to civilians because they were always chasing military contracts that were exempt from the dingell-Johnson excise tax on civilian arms sales and had never bothered to pay it. It would have cost them millions in back taxes to comply. Bushmaster and PAWS did “factory like conversions” on others receivers. Other American companies made machine guns that are transferable. Like Armalite and the AR18. The American 180, S&W 76, reising m50... Foreign made Nfa items were restricted to military and le only by the sporting purposes clause of the GCA of 1968. There are factory built European guns that were in country prior to 1968, or war trophies and contraband that was registered in the amnesty registries, but they command a premium due to there very limited supply
  3. Great Machine Guns for Sale

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