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  1. New ATF Efile issues?

    Same happened to me. Called the number and they took care of the fix with me on the phone in about 15min.
  2. Sig Mpx Full Auto Conversions

    I'm guessing the semi you have is a Gen1. My Gen 2 carrier is formed like the FA carrier but milled out like the semi auto. Purely a guess but I would assume the wanted to make the FA carrier heavier so it would slow down the cycle rate.
  3. Sig Mpx Full Auto Conversions

    Trip bar for the upper is needed. The lower uses a standard M16 auto sear that is tripped by the bar. The tricky part is the action of the gun abuses the trigger group. That is why they have a disconnector cover in them. No one sells a full auto trigger group for the MPX. I've reached out to Timney and Geissele about it. Timney won't reply to inquires and Geissele said they have no plans to unless they have enough demand (they wouldn't clarify what enough is). I've tried modifying triggers to fit and they all end up breaking. I broke the factory disconnector cover from Timney and another I made in house out of aluminum to work with a POF drop in trigger, it broke immediately too. I also bought a Geissele MPX semi auto trigger and used a Geissele FA hammer slightly modified to fit and it broke the hammer. I've tried slowing down the action with Geissele springs with the Geissele trigger group and it kept jamming the gun until I used factory springs again. I've spoke with other SOT's and they are getting the same results but just change the hammer out when it breaks. The first two disconnector cover broke within 100rds and the Geissele hammer broke around 200rds.
  4. delete

    Would like to buy. Email sent.
  5. Changing locations - new SOT?

    Thank you for the advice. I spoke with the ATF and they actually cleared one of the Form 4's on the 27th after nearly a year wait. My issue is the new property has land restrictions that won't allow commercial activity. I can file the change of address but it will only buy me another 30 days before compliance with zoning is required per the ATF. I would need written approval to provide to the ATF like I did the first time.
  6. I've only ran about 300 rounds through it but they all went well with the exception of the one jam when I tried using the 200rd hard shell. It fed perfectly with a free belt and soft pouches.
  7. Changing locations - new SOT?

    Thank you for the replies. I will reach out to the ATF to see if they will help. One can had been pending for 12 months and the other item took 6 months to transfer from the private seller to the other FFL before then me.
  8. I currently have one. Ordered it in August 2020 when the were "in stock". Received it May 2021 and the second barrel in July. Good quality but a long wait time.
  9. I am most likely going to be changing locations of business before the end of this year. My intentions in doing so is to start up another legal entity and get a new FFL/SOT for the new location. My question is if I do so do I need to inform the ATF prior to selling my post samples without a law letter or can I just attach a letter when filing the form 3? Also I have two customers NFA items pending a form 4 approval. Can I notify the ATF to speed up the approvals or would I have to submit a form 3 to transfer to the new company and would this reset their wait times?
  10. WTB: M16 or converted AR15 from SOT.

    Are you looking for one with or without a law letter?
  11. Needing help

    Will the upper not fit another AR9 lower? Also are you sure the bolt carrier in the kit is a full auto carrier?
  12. WTB: M249s semi bolt/slide/op + other parts!

    I have the following parts if interested? Barrel Trunion weldment ....$300 Gas tube weldment.....$100 Gas tube.....$200 Magwell nutsack adapter (if using on a mount)...$75 $600 shipped for all? Thanks Ryan
  13. E-File Form 3 Approval Times

    2-3 business days on my last one.
  14. Anyone deal with the Silencer Shop?

    It's been about a year but they allowed my customers to mail them their finger prints and photos to upload into their system before they created the docusign paperwork. It was very easy to complete. Also they have a live inventory so dealers consider it in stock as it used to take only takes about 3-5 days to get it in on a form 3.