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  1. The 2nd Amendment has been raped more than once. There is nothing in it specifying what "Arms" it say's the right to bear Arms shall not be infringed (Period). It doesn't say Muskets, it doesn't say pistols, it doesn't say machine guns, or Artillery, it say's ARMS. Definition of Arms " noun 1. weapons and ammunition; armaments. Also, the "Government" requirement of registration violates the 2nd. Licenses are a violation.
  2. It would seem that some metalworking done to the M16 Sear (adding about 1/8" of height, but it must be angled so that when the selector is placed on Auto that it has the same activation point by the carrier). Possibly some fine tuning to make sure it will be strong enough, and that when selector is in Semi auto, that the sear has no contact with the carrier. except for the actual size of the carrier the area for the firing group is exactly the same.