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  1. Good to go, bought from him a few times! He does get some unique stuff.
  2. Partial fence m-16

    From my understanding those would be very rare.
  3. I personally have 3 of DI's MG optics and 6 other DIs. One DCL-110 3x in FDE(harder to find I was told by a person who worked there) and 2 DCL-100Ms. DI knows how to make great MG optics and their other optics too are great! Was lucky to get a ODL-2!!! Been thinking of selling some of them maybe but on the fence
  4. State Department bans import of Russian ammo

    Agreed on that one
  5. Morphy's Auction Today

    That BAR 1918 is very nice....
  6. State Department bans import of Russian ammo

    It has been debated, the wording in the ban is vague to say the least. You are correct though, like Wolf Gold .223 is made in Taiwan for example. I'd be interested to see if Ukraine might import ammo again.
  7. State Department bans import of Russian ammo

    I was reading apparently Palmetto was going to be producing steel cased 7.62x39 and possibly 5.45x39. Makes sense since they had their 47 line of AKs out for awhile and their 74s are fairly new but no idea on cost or when this will happen but the days of cheap steel cased are gone.
  8. Vertical grip on an M240?

    Not really, some guys when I was in put a KAC on the 240s but never really cared for it at all and never got issued nor seen anyone rock an aftermarket vertical grip.
  9. The 100s are good to go, smaller, lighter, NV features and a lot cheaper then the 110s. Have 2 100Ms and never had an issue as well as I have a 110-3x in FDE. DI/GRD make damn good optics. Shame though last I heard DI US is no more so doesn't look like we are getting anymore new or current DI optics stateside