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  1. WTB: Threaded barrel for Beretta 92FS 9mm

    Did you try Jarvis? I think Ayoob said, the rifling in a 6" Jarvis will match velocity with an 8.85 MP5 barrel with same load. If true, not such a benefit for staying subsonic. Naked though, those are nice numbers for a sidearm. His was Magnaported like a hunting revolver, the effect of a comp without the presence of one, is another thing that interests me. I'm trying to find out the thinnest G10 grips available, from the half dozen or so makers
  2. Vintorez?

    Don't suppose anyone has an extra K-USA, or even the Palmetto?
  3. WTB: FN FNC Sporter/Folding Stock Version

    Just saw one on GB, some guy is coming off some rare pre 89 stuff. Even saw a Beretta AR 70 with a folder