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  1. Hello, new guy with questions on M134 de-mill

    What if a person has a pre 1986 GAU-2, not registered before 1986? Can one de-mill it and keep as a C&R for display?
  2. WTB: M16 conversion or Colt SP1

    Why an SP1? A semi auto?
  3. Hello everyone new guy here. I joined this site to ask these questions. I have searched the ATF site and can't find answers, I may be using the wrong words or terms in the search engine but I'm worn out looking and Google'ing. 1) is there a de-mill, (or deactivation process as they say in the UK) for the GAU-2 (M134) mini gun to a condition for display? I see on this site people selling and buying an 80% receivers. What dose 80% mean ? 2) Does ATF have a manual or process to make a GAU-2 receiver 80% like burning a hole in it? 3) Can I or, do I keep it as a C&R after de-mill? 4) Im pretty sure this is a pre 1986, can I make it legal (80%) with out cutting it in 3 pieces? Thanks for any help, Boat Guy