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  1. Reising Model 50 Drum

    Hiya Steve, I emailed Troy recently and he no longer makes them (you probably already knew this). I asked him how many total that he recalls making and he thought around 40. So there are a few out there, perhaps in a hidden hamlet with all the unicorns? I would also like to find one...I tell you what, if either of us find one, I'll split the cost with you and we can share it. I'll take Mondays, Fridays and odd numbered Saturdays (hahaha)! All the Best, Kyle
  2. Hello all, I have a FA hammer pack in ATF jail and I am collecting parts to hopefully make a black FA 223/9mm AUG. I am need of a Steyr AUG full auto 9mm cocking piece and a full auto black stock. Thank you!