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  1. WTB MP30/34 recoil spring

    Interested in purchasing 1-2 recoil springs for MP30/MP34 SMG. Thank you.
  2. Suomi Drum Dis-assembly

    I'm so lame, I took a photo of my computer screen with the written instructions and can't attach photos here. Send me your emails and I will send it to you. kylehorner@hotmail.com
  3. Found some.
  4. Looking for a nice shooting MP30 or MP34. Feel free to PM me if you have either transferable that you would consider selling. Thank you!
  5. Fraud Alert!!!!

    DwayneT new user signed up 2 hours ago directed me to his "friend" in MI: Derek R Jason <derekrjason21@gmail.com> Wed 12/1/2021 4:03 PM Hello, thanks for emailing me, Yes i have a Fostech Origin 12 (30 round) Drum for sale, I will accept $250 shipped for it. Let me know if you are interested. Derek.R When I asked for photos, he sent me stock photos from the web... Black Wolf Supply of a 20 round drum. Both these guys are scammers.
  6. WTB Fostech Origin 12, 30rd Drum

    Wanted Fostech Origin 12 30 round drum.
  7. Factory Beretta 38/49 submachine gun guide

    Hello Frank, I will take the better one for $65. Thank you, Kyle
  8. WTB $$$ C&R Ingram M6 SMG

  9. WTB $$$ C&R Ingram M6 SMG

    I am looking to purchase a curio & relic eligible Ingram M6 SMG. Will pay very well for an excellent specimen! Thank you very much, Kyle
  10. WTB Transferable Madsen M50 SMG

    PM sent
  11. WTB Transferable Madsen M50 SMG

    I am looking to purchase a nice Danish fully transferable Madsen M50 SMG. Thank you, Kyle
  12. Looking to buy a 50 round gg stick magazine. They were sold 2-3 yeas ago for $85, I've been told. Thank you much, Kyle
  13. Looking for a drum magazine in 9mm for an Intratec Tec-9. Does anyone have one that they are willing to part with? Thank you!
  14. Reising Model 50 Drum

    Hiya Steve, I emailed Troy recently and he no longer makes them (you probably already knew this). I asked him how many total that he recalls making and he thought around 40. So there are a few out there, perhaps in a hidden hamlet with all the unicorns? I would also like to find one...I tell you what, if either of us find one, I'll split the cost with you and we can share it. I'll take Mondays, Fridays and odd numbered Saturdays (hahaha)! All the Best, Kyle