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  1. I this a C&R? I live in a C&R state. Thanks Tom
  2. Just to make sure. This is a C&R correct?
  3. I live in Minnesota a C&R only state. Do you have the paper work that shows this is a C&R? Just want to make sure. If so I'm interested.
  4. Transferable H&R M-14 (C&R)

    Bloodhound, I'm the person from Minnesota that send you a message. For some reason I cant click the link to see your reply. I'll keep trying to figure it out. I'm not much of a computer guy
  5. Machineguns for Sale

    Have you sold the the suppressed Ruger?
  6. Thanks for the fast response. Not sure how to PM from this market board. I'll figure it out and get back with you. again thanks
  7. Good Morning, I'm very interested. I live in a C&R only state. Had to sell 3 mgs when I moved to northern MN. I have a question or 2. Has it been shot much? Does it run good? I a collector but I also love to shoot. I'm a retired US Navy Vet and I was a Gunner's Mate I fired an M60 as gunner on the bridge wing on several ships. Thanks