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  1. I have SGW lower in the 8000 range , it is a bit loose with a lwrc upper and the finish has a deep purple now. Otherwise it works just fine for a transferable lower.
  2. M3A1 springs.

    Who built youR Medea ? Just got mine done, works pretty smooth.
  3. WTS-Guide Lamp M3 Grease Gun

    Interested in the clamp for the optics
  4. Dewat Madsen LMG caliber options

    12500 to much a dewat? I haven't bid yet. Never seen one for sale that is transferable.
  5. Dewat Madsen LMG caliber options

    Thanks for replying and I want to pick your knowledge a little more. I only really see 8mm and 30.06 available for these currently but I am little more interested in either 308 or 7.62x54r. Would either of these be possible for this particular receiver and if so qny ideas how to even source those parts ?
  6. shipping

    Always used USPS , and had stuff shipping to be with FEDEX. For USPS I have found it best to introduce yourself to the local Post Master and tell them what you want to ship and if they refuse them having to go over thier head to the next level. I ended having to contact a post master General of southern PA to get a M/G shipped because to local offices refused dispite a copy of the form 4 transfer to the dealer.
  7. You have to do a FOIA request. The ones people have done in the past essentially only showed the Original manufacturer date and the rest is that move trope blacked out marker to hide the PII of the previous owners.
  8. Need suppressor for Mac 10

    I used a Gemtec viper on mine and it worked fairly well with the thread adapter. Did a quick search and several dealers had them in stock.
  9. SOLD Medea grease gun done right

    John did mine too recently. Excellent work as always.
  10. Value Of H&K SR9T

    One sold at RIA for 5000 in 2020 and one sold on for 9000.
  11. Did anyone else shoot NFA today?

    Took out my M3a1 to the local club with kind bans M/G's. Was sneaking off singles and doubles like a naughty child.
  12. State Department bans import of Russian ammo

    Liberty Doll on youtube did a segment on this.
  13. Morphy's Auction Today

    I was looking hard at that ppsh-41
  14. M16 work

    John Andrewski or Gary's Bunker In OH. Both have done work for me.