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  1. All mags are SPF. If something changes I will update the add. Have a bunch of MSAR xm30-e4 30 round ar15 mags that are taking up space. the mags for 5.56 guns. I am selling them in lots of 32 mags for $200 shipped, or 20 mags for $130 shipped. that is what fits in a flat rate priority mail box. I have a few boxes of them. I will not ship to ban states.
  2. WTB.. Resing 50 .45 acp mags

    Very much appreciated, I am interested in the 12 round mag or mags you could sell me. Thanks Tom
  3. WTB.. Resing 50 .45 acp mags

    Just picked up a Reising 50 and i am looking for a few extra mags for it. Please let me know if you have any i could buy from you or where I might acquire a few. Looking for 30, 20 or 12 round mags. Thanks. Thank you, To POLLC i've got my 12 and 30 round mags. If any one has a 20 round mag or two you can part with let me know please.
  4. WTB.. Resing 50 .45 acp mags

    Brian, Here is my cell 602-432-0424 i would like to see the pics. Thank you, Tom