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  1. Suggestions for next MG.

    I would wait for a fair deal on a mac-10. Then with all the Lage mfg uppers you can buy you have so much more flexibility to modify it. I really like my Mac's always been reliable and parts are avaliable, I have never been disappointed shooting mine. Plus I may be wrong but your stemple uses grease gun mags, which you can use in a m10 with a mag catch mod thats what I did. I think the reason they are still one of the less expensive mg's is because they made so many of them. Eventually the prices on them will not be so diluted. Especially with all the new purchasers wanting to get their first mg and the fact you have a variety of modification options will make them more tempting to people to buy. As for the reising mine has been great but parts are expensive and so are the mags. Don't own anything else in your budget so I cant give you any other advise. Thats my 2 cents if its worth anything.
  2. I didn't see it posted in the add so for clarification is it currently on a form 4 or 3?
  3. +1 for tommyboy Everything went perfect.
  4. My first full auto

    Sounds like you want nice display piece for looks and a shooter. Get a nice vickers or 1917 i think that will make you happy. Unless your a serious collector a side plate gun will save you some money. Be patient and find one that comes with accessories if available.
  5. One last MG thoughts?

    If you want a .308 gun get a bm59 they are still reasonably priced and great guns. Or for a few k more get a beltfed 1919a4. You can go wrong with either. IMHO get a 1919a4 parts are easily avaliable and you can get caliber conversions.
  6. My first full auto

    Sounds like you might want a belt fed from what you are saying. A 1919a4 might be your best bet, its a great gun and parts are widely available at reasonable prices still. Just a thought.
  7. WTS: Thompson Magazines

    Sent you a message about buying the them all.
  8. 15-22 Pistol to SBR

    I didn't think that pending legislation or rule was passed. Did I miss something about it??
  9. Just got a email from this scamer from a Wtb add i posted. He said his name was Eric and goes by reign43 on here. He wanted to sell me a gun that was posted from bigbore, 6 Mar 2020 Spandau MG08 w/trench Mount $16k
  10. Looking to buy a Maxim M1910 MG Wheeled Sokolov Mount with shield. Let me know. Thanks Tom
  11. MG08 or M-1910 no longer needed

    No longer needed. Looking to buy a M-1910 Maxim or possibly a MG08 Maxim Transferable. Let me know what you got, form status and a price please Thanks Tom
  12. +1 for Peacemaker the deal went smoothly and I am very happy with the parts kit.
  13. WTS Soumi Drum and Stick mags

    I will buy them. Message inbound. Tom
  14. Britisk browning mkii 303 pistol grip or barrels

    Thanks. I Just sent you a message with my contact info.
  15. So I have a british Browning mkii 303 aircraft gun and I was wondering where the heck to find one of the crude pistol grips they made for the ground/vehicle guns. If any one has on to sell i would appreciate it. I am also looking for any extra 303 barrels for it also. Let me know please. Thanks Tom