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  1. Potential Scam Accounts

    This one almost got me member screen name Samuellj emails used and I posted the question in this add and this scammer PMed me after I had PMed Midwest Distributors.....when I got the PM notification in my email I just hit the link and assumed it was a response from Midwest Distributors......the mere fact that they were asking for payment via paypal friends/family and to a German email address was what made the light come on for me. At first I didn't catch that the reply to my PM was not from Midwest Distributors Surefire SOCOM SB 5.56 Suppressor - Used 2 members active in this conversation (including you) ADH Read: Just now Samuellj Read: 18 minutes ago Conversation Samuellj 0 Started conversation: 10 hours ago · Report It’s still for sale I’m willing to sell at $400 shipped as price reduced hoping to hear from you Quote ADH 0 Replied: 53 minutes ago · Report I'll take it Just let me know how you want to receive payment and an email where I can send you my FFL/class 3 SOT Thanks Andrew Quote Edit Samuellj 0 Replied: 40 minutes ago · Report Send me your email for information I would accept payment via cashapp or PayPal (discreet family and friends) send FFL to Quote Quote this ADH 0 Replied: 38 minutes ago · Report same email address for paypal? Quote Edit Samuellj 0 Replied: 29 minutes ago · Report No,will forward email address for PayPal Quote ADH 0 Replied: 21 minutes ago · Report OK just waiting on that....emailed copy of my FFL and SOT Quote Edit Samuellj 0 Replied: 18 minutes ago · Report Please make out payment via PayPal family and friends to let me have a confirmation once sent thank you
  2. WTS: Surefire SOCOM SB 5.56 Suppressor - Used

    If these are not otherwise sold out, I'd be interested in one as well.