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  1. WTS 2 FNC and 2 AC556

    I'll take the AC556 folder per our conversation. Thanks Jim.
  2. WTB: Fired 22lr Brass

    Looking for a small quantity of fired 22lr brass. 2-5 gallons worth.
  3. .50 BMG SLAP-T for sale

    Purchased a couple cans in October. Arrived as advertised. Thank you.
  4. WTS: Couple of ERMCO BAR's

    Thanks for the update, still interested.
  5. Received today, nice as advertised. Thank you.
  6. WTS: Couple of ERMCO BAR's

    Interested in one as well
  7. WTS M79 and M203 40mm Launchers, on Form1's

    No response
  8. HK-SP5L

    Pm sent
  9. WTB: Intratec AB-10/TEC9 Upper

    I have an AB-10 complete upper in nice shape. $420.00 shipped.
  10. WTB M11/9 with Lage Uppers

    I have a NIB Max31 upper I'll part with
  11. Is this still available?
  12. I am hoping to get some input or ideas. A friend of mine has a RDI motion amplification camera. The short explanation is the camera exaggerates any motion in a static object making it clearly visible to the naked eye. There are a lot of industrial applications (the field he works in) We wanted to get some video of firearms and did a short session. I wasn't as prepared as I should have been, but we still got some decent footage shared in the links below. We filmed a silencerco hybrid with a solid cap and a brake on a JRA AK-47, and an M11/9 running in auto. I'd like to know your thoughts on the videos and any potential applications you can think of or may want to see. Dave was kind enough to put the videos on YouTube for me. The next go around I'll have a vice ready...
  13. WTS: 9mm, 45acp, 5.56, 223, 30-06

    Prices are shipped with the exception of the 30-06 (111lbs) arrangements will need to be made for it. Local pick-up is fine for everything. More to be added. The following is available: 30-06 M2 AP Saint Louis Ordnance ~1943 *Sealed Crate* 1344rds in enbloc clips $3500.00 9mm Magtech 115gr FMJ - $700.00/1000rd case 9mm Sellior and Bellot 124gr FMJ - $700.00/1000rd case 9mm Winchester 115gr FMJ - $375.00/500rd case 9mm Federal American Eagle 115gr - $375/500rd case 9mm CCI Blazer Brass 115gr - $725.00/1000rd case 45acp Winchester 230gr FMJ - $425.00/500rd case 45acp CCI Blazer Brass 230gr FMJ - $850.00/1000rd case 5.56 Winchester M855 "Green Tip" 62gr - $875.00/1000rd case 223 GGG 55gr FMJ in ammo can - $875.00 7.62X51 Magtech M80 147gr FMJ linked $600.00/500rd 7.62X39 Wolf 8M3 124gr HP $600.00/1000rd case Additional 9mm available from 115gr.-158gr. Winchester, CCI, Federal, Speer, Armscor, PPU, Remington, etc...
  14. FN 30 06 Tracer.

    Pm sent