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  1. Walther MPL/MPK magazines

    I left my two BRAND NEW MPL mags on my bumper and drove off from the range. Yeah. So, I need MPL/MPK mags. Please…
  2. Looking at purchasing a Walther MPL and or MP5 pre sample….
  3. No love letter SOT variance

    So how do HDD and others manufacture and sell posties with no letters? These are manufacturing variance builds. I’m looking through these trying to figure out how ATF is cool with this....
  4. Would someone be willing to talk with me about no law letter variance MGs? Specifically how you can manufacture a postie for another SOT without a love letter....
  5. eBay!!!! The last 3 nut sacks ive bought were brand new and less than $30 shipped each. I refuse to pay more than $30 for these and I bout about one a month off eBay....
  6. M249 front pistol grip

    These come up on eBay CONSTANTLY. There was one last month for $40 free shipping, brand new and I bought one this morning off eBay for $40 and it was brand new, unissued. Do an eBay search for “M249” and save it with alerts to your email. You’ll get an email every morning with all the new listings. You’d be EXTREMELY surprised what dudes bring back and list sort cheap for the 249 on eBay.
  7. Wanted: FN M249s Oprod and Slide

    This is a killer deal....
  8. M249 MK46 railed handguard

    Is it real or air soft?
  9. Like new Rugged M249 SAW suppressor mount. 9/16x24 left hand thread and indexes off the muzzle. This is specifically for the M249 Para barrel but any 9/16 left threaded barrel. Fits all Rugged centerfire suppressors/silencers, I think this fits the FAL too. Worked very well, I just ended up changing the barrel set up, has less than 60 rounds through it. $75 shipped.
  10. Brand new, never mounted Rugged R3 3 prong flash hider 5/8x24 suppressor mount. $70 shipped
  11. M249 operating rod

    Found a new slide assembly. This deal is done.
  12. M249 operating rod

    Pretty sure you know what an op rod looks like.