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  1. Somebody school me on the PS90

    I like the PS90. I have one which is (lawfully) converted to an SBR. I could kick myself for selling one of my FN Fives (but had to as part of the price of a nasty divorce). I am almost positive it was Green - although now people tell me that color didn't exist). I would gladly buy another Gen 1 or Gen 2 PS90 (at a reasonable price) from anyone that does not like the look or believes its not enough to accomplish a given task.
  2. Transferale/PRE 86 New prices and some new guns

    Is the Ruger 556 still available? Is it a folder? May I please have photos?
  3. WTS/ Transferable Ruger AC556 on Form 3

    Please email me with details.
  4. WTS/ Transferable Ruger AC556 on Form 3

    I'm very interested.