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  1. Interesting that ups was mentioned, I know that years back they specified that machineguns were prohibited from being shipped, I'm sure people still used ups but if a gun was lost and you had to file an insurance claim they probably wouldn't pay.
  2. Hey Guys, I've been out of the game for quite some time and wondering what options are available to get a Ma Deuce & tripod to the buyers dealer who is roughly 1500 miles away. I have the military hard case that holds the gun & barrel. Shipping options & or Can a representative of the buyer, or someone else pick this up in person ? I'd like to hear every possible option. Thanks' in advance.
  3. Tax stamp payment method...

    Thank you Sir.
  4. Can a personal check be used to pay $200 tax stamp fee ??
  5. Transferable M2HB built by Ohio Ordnance in 2002. WWII era parts on a Group Industries side plate .Only 400 rounds thru it other than the test fire by Ohio Ord. & been a safe queen since. Original owner, Gun is on a form 3 in Edmond Oklahoma. Price is $42,000 Gun & tripod only. contact for more info. No trades.
  6. WTB M2HB 50 and MP5SD

    Have you found an M2HB yet ? I have a safe queen built by ohio ordnance on a group industries side plate, transferable, test fired by ohio ordnance & we ran 200 rds thru it & been sitting since. parts came from anzio iron works, supposed to be WWII AC parts that came from dismantled guns in eastern Europe. I haven't been actively trying to sell it but would consider. Paul.
  7. M2HB value ?

    Over 20 years ago I had Ohio ordnance assemble my group industries side plate with a WWII era select parts kit, most stamped ac. it's been a safe queen with only 200 rds. thru it. It's on a form 3 although I'm no longer a dealer. I'm thinking about retirement & that one will be the first to go. I've seen the mg price guide but not sure how accurate that is. Wondering what it would bring with an M2 tripod. Gun is like new , has semi capability & scope dovetail. Thank you in advance for a reply.