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  1. Japanese type 96 barrel

    I want to buy a type 96 barrel, I will be making a blank firing barrel out of it, so it can be pretty rough. 256 810 7684 Tim baker
  2. WTB: Vickers gun recoil plates

    Can you convert a 7.62x54r vickers to 7.62x51? My phone number is 256 810 7684
  3. Guys I got busy with work and forgot to check up on this post.
  4. 7.62x51 vickers conversion

    I want to convert my 7.62x54 vickers to 7.62x51. Anyone have any of the necessary parts I need? Thanks, tim.
  5. 55 boys

    Vmmv1, im still looking for a boys rifle, looks like some of the guys who are still clambering. 55 would be contacting you. As for me, I'd only need the stuff for display, once I find a rifle, how much are you asking per round and does it come on stripper clips?
  6. I just bought a vickers in 7.62x54, id definitely be interested in the .308 conversion. And by the way, if anyone has a conversion kit for a type 96 jap, it would be useful too.
  7. Vickers

    Found one, thanks.
  8. 55 boys

    I personally don't want the headache of nfa transfer for a boys in .55 caliber. If it has been converted to .50 bmg ammo availability and transfer of the gun itself is much simplified. If your talking about .55 ammo, I dont really know. I have few rounds for display, but thats as far as I go with .55.
  9. 55 boys

    I'm in the market for one, preferably in .50 bmg.
  10. Japanese type 96 conversion

    Does anyone have parts, plans, or ability to convert a type 96 to 7.62x39 or even 7.62x51?
  11. Japanese type 96 conversion

    Still looking for a conversion to another caliber.
  12. Jap type 96 barrel

    Thanks, but I dont have the greatest grasp of internet workings. One of your awesome subscribers offered me a complete kit, but I missed it by a few days. Oh well. Thanks for the help, everyone.
  13. Vickers

    I'm in the mood to buy a vickers belt fed machine gun. I have a c&r so that would be a plus, but not necessary. Thanks, tim.
  14. WTS: MG08/sled; Guinn Bushmaster select fire

    Can I get a phone number for you?
  15. Jap type 96 barrel

    I have a type 96 machine gun, I would like to have a replacement barrel that I may use to do a blank conversion on, so headspace won't be much of an issue. Any extra mags you may have would be of interest also. I would welcome a parts kit also.. Thanks, tim.