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  1. PICTURE ALBUM: https://imgur.com/a/HacqZOJ I've owned this rifle for over a year and never fired it. It HAS been dry-fired, but it has NOT been live-fired. Not even a live round chambered. I purchased this rifle before BCM offered the mk2 RECCE, but they sold the uppers separately, so that's what I've done here. Brand new stock BCM lower assembly, with a brand new stock BCM BFH ELW mk2 upper. I then bought a brand new BCM FDE BCG, and a BCM Medium Ambi CH. All new parts and assembled into this rifle. I have also replaced the Mod0 brake that came on the upper with a JMac Customs RRD-4C 28S KeyMount muzzle brake which is compatible with the KeyMo mounting system if you want to run suppressed (which was the entire point of the mk2 upper). I am open to trades for higher-end bolt guns or PCC's, or looking for $1,400 cash. I am not an FFL holder, but I will ship through my local shop. MRO in picture is not included, but can be if buyer wants it for additional $$ (MRO is brand new and was only ever mounted on this rifle).
  2. Colt 639 CAR-15 with XM177 moderator

    Why would the 11-inch barrel need a tax stamp if it's on a machine gun that by definition has no barrel length restrictions? The XM177 was deemed a silencer per the ATF because the ATF stated it had baffles inside that lower the dB eating of the firearm, even if Colt's original intention was only to increase back pressure for reliability reasons.
  3. delete


    Is this sold?
  5. WTB - Ciener 22LR Conversion Kit

    @Acme Sports Inc. I'm not OP, but just curious what you're asking for the Atchisson kit?
  6. I have an extra 9mm complete bolt assembly for the Lage 10/45 MK2 upper, as well as an extra barrel in 9mm with 1/2x28mm threading for the same upper. Both are brand new in wrapping and never used. Pictures are here: https://imgur.com/a/ilWw7is Great for spares if you have one of these uppers. Asking $260 shipped for the bolt assembly, and $120 shipped for the barrel. I accept PayPal or Venmo (F&F, no notes in transaction). Thanks
  7. FS: NIB B&T APC9K PRO & Station Six

    Interested in APC9K PRO. PMing.
  8. WTB Clearanced Uzi FA Bolt

    Complete. Richard @ BWE had one in stock on his website.
  9. WTB Clearanced Uzi FA Bolt

    Looking for a clearanced (for restrictor ring) bolt - FA, not slotted. Either an IMI/FN that had work done to it, or a Group Industries one that was clearanced at the factory, either works for me. Looking to buy 1, maybe 2. Please message me with your price and hopefully we can work something out. Hoping to get one in the next week or two.
  10. Machine guns for sale

    Was that Uzi FCG converted to use a Mac10 grip to defeat the grip safety? I have never seen that before. Would you be interested in selling just the host gun?
  11. Items for sale

    Interested in the Ruger. PMing.
  12. Vz61 lower receiver

    A close friend of mine has a transferrable vz61, and he knows a good number of people at the ATF he's worked with in the past. He inquired and that's the number they gave him. Obviously this isn't an iron-clad way to prove a number from the registry, but as the ATF doesn't necessarily provide any public numbers, it's all I've got to go off of.
  13. Vz61 lower receiver

    Only 5 transferable vz61's on the registry, so it's a long shot, and will be very expensive.
  14. Looking to get an original Sionics suppressor for my M10. Looking for one in relatively good condition and not completely shot out. Price depends on condition, but looking to spend between $600-$1,200. Thanks.
  15. M10 or 11

    Is the can original to the gun? And if so would you be willing to sell separately?
  16. WTS: RDTS build MP5 SPF

    Still available? Very interested.
  17. WTS: Vollmer MP5 Sear Gun - Jim S. TN

    That makes a heck of a lot more sense, thank you!
  18. WTS: Vollmer MP5 Sear Gun - Jim S. TN

    HK newbie here, and I know they can be confusing. Quick question and I apologize if it's a stupid one - if the sear is married to the host, then how can you shoot the firearm in any caliber other than 9mm? What is the point of registering this sear in all 3 calibers if they are married?
  19. Machine Guns for sale

    I recently bought an M10 from Thomas and was very happy with what I received. Thanks again, Tom!