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  1. Items for sale

    Interested in the Ruger. PMing.
  2. Vz61 lower receiver

    A close friend of mine has a transferrable vz61, and he knows a good number of people at the ATF he's worked with in the past. He inquired and that's the number they gave him. Obviously this isn't an iron-clad way to prove a number from the registry, but as the ATF doesn't necessarily provide any public numbers, it's all I've got to go off of.
  3. Vz61 lower receiver

    Only 5 transferable vz61's on the registry, so it's a long shot, and will be very expensive.
  4. M10 or 11

    Is the can original to the gun? And if so would you be willing to sell separately?
  5. WTS: RDTS build MP5 SPF

    Still available? Very interested.
  6. WTS: Vollmer MP5 Sear Gun - Jim S. TN

    That makes a heck of a lot more sense, thank you!
  7. WTS: Vollmer MP5 Sear Gun - Jim S. TN

    HK newbie here, and I know they can be confusing. Quick question and I apologize if it's a stupid one - if the sear is married to the host, then how can you shoot the firearm in any caliber other than 9mm? What is the point of registering this sear in all 3 calibers if they are married?
  8. Looking to get an original Sionics suppressor for my M10. Looking for one in relatively good condition and not completely shot out. Price depends on condition, but looking to spend between $600-$1,200. Thanks.
  9. Machine Guns for sale

    I recently bought an M10 from Thomas and was very happy with what I received. Thanks again, Tom!
  10. WTB Minimi presample

    Do transferable minimi's even exist? I've never seen/heard of one.