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    Hi there, Which handguard does this have? Keymod or M-Lok? Just trying to gauge the gen of the pistol. Also, any interest in trades?
  2. Hey there - I’d like to reserve one and I’m in Virginia. Can I go to your shop to do the paperwork or do you require to ship to my local dealer? Just trying to see my options! Thanks!
  3. sold

    Hey Tom - do you think you'll be getting any more Reisings in anytime soon? Looks like I missed the two you have here.
  4. HK SP5K Pair NIB Reduced

    I'm confused - didn't the SP5 nomenclature only come about in 2019? At most they could only be 3 years old. If they do not have the US warnings, then my assumption is simply that these are Euro imports. Can you confirm?
  5. Is this a P/W flashhider on a 14.5"?
  6. WTS..Colt M16A1...Pristine..$34500

    Hi can you please PM me? I’m trying to message you but it won’t work because there is a comma in your username.
  7. If this is still available I will take it.
  8. WTS - Z-MAGS for M11/9

    Are the magazines SPF? Hard to tell from the listing format. I'm in the Winchester area as well.
  9. WTS M60 Price Lowered! $67,500 OBO

    Just FYI, only dealers can utilize eForm 4's. You need an active FFL stored in your eForms account in order to submit one. If you do not have an FFL and are just a regular Joe like me, you will have to do a paper Form 4 transfer.
  10. WTB MP5 A2 Stock

    Bought an A2 stock off HK Parts then they e-mailed me saying they were oversold and didn't actually have any, so here I am. Looking for an A2 stock that will fit an MP5 or MP5 clone (I have an AP5). I'm hoping to spend around $150 shipped or less, thanks.
  11. A few ways: 1) Some states only allow private ownership of C&R Machine Guns (Minnesota) 2) If you're buying a C&R machine gun AND you have a C&R FFL, you do not have to transfer through a class 3 SOT. Instead, once the Form 4 is approved the seller can ship it straight to you.
  12. M11/nine new in box

    These two listings look nothing alike. I clicked on the GB link thinking I would see the same picture or something but they're completely different... What makes you think the GB one is the same as this listing?
  13. Sold: Fleming Sear on form 3

    How much are you asking for the Phoenix?
  14. PICTURE ALBUM: https://imgur.com/a/HacqZOJ I've owned this rifle for over a year and never fired it. It HAS been dry-fired, but it has NOT been live-fired. Not even a live round chambered. I purchased this rifle before BCM offered the mk2 RECCE, but they sold the uppers separately, so that's what I've done here. Brand new stock BCM lower assembly, with a brand new stock BCM BFH ELW mk2 upper. I then bought a brand new BCM FDE BCG, and a BCM Medium Ambi CH. All new parts and assembled into this rifle. I have also replaced the Mod0 brake that came on the upper with a JMac Customs RRD-4C 28S KeyMount muzzle brake which is compatible with the KeyMo mounting system if you want to run suppressed (which was the entire point of the mk2 upper). I am open to trades for higher-end bolt guns or PCC's, or looking for $1,400 cash. I am not an FFL holder, but I will ship through my local shop. MRO in picture is not included, but can be if buyer wants it for additional $$ (MRO is brand new and was only ever mounted on this rifle).