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  1. MP44 Serial Number Help

    I tried a photo insert, but get a window that says the page I am trying to access isn’t eligible on my account . As soon as I figure out how to solve that issue, I will get a picture posted. Andrew
  2. I am looking at a MP 44 purchase from a private seller. He purchased the gun in a collection and we are trying to figure out it’s origins. The markings on the firearm are all original German with proper stamps. The gun was made by Haenel pretty late in the war. The odd thing is that the serial number has an SS after it. The first part of the serial number is authentic script and reads ***8x/45SS. The font of the SS at the end looks a little different and has a bit of a double strike on the first S. I will try and post a picture if I can get it to upload. I consulted Claus Espeholt on the matter and he replied that he has never seen that type of marking on a wartime gun. Also consulted the folks at Midwest Tactical and they haven’t seen a marking like that either. Just curious if anyone out there knows or has seen an Sturm with an SS marking at the end of the serial number and may know the origin or story behind it. Thanks in advance, Andrew
  3. Dave,

    In regards to the MP5K you have listed, is it a sear gun or registered receiver?




    Andrew Chudy


  4. Can you give me a call at 801-309-7841, I have a few questions about the gun and possibly purchasing it.   


    Andrew Chudy