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  1. In recent years, the usage of AR-15 has been on the rise, and nothing is stopping it at all. In general, AR means “Armalite Rifle.” It is not an Assault Rifle, as you think. Yes, this is a famous misunderstanding. Initially, the rifle was made by Armalite. But as Financial troubles started to emerge, the company was forced to sell their rights to Colt. Now Colt has been making these semi-automatic rifles in vast numbers. The Armalite made the AR-15 as a military rifle back in the 1950s. But it never found the success it deserved. When Colt bought the design, the gun went on to become a popular figure. But there was a problem. The AR-15 was semi-automatic, and it failed to match the standards of other automatic rifles. After some modifications in the preliminary design, Colt came up with the M-4. Yet, the AR-15 found it’s way to Civilian hands Just shared my basic Knowledge on AR-15. Kindly add your Info that is missed.......