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  1. WTS .303 ammo – I just opened a tin of 1300 that I had stashed away a few years ago and forgot about. This is the really good stuff. 1980s South African production, brass-cased, full metal jacket, non-corrosive, Berdan-primed, 174 grain, absolutely immaculate. Sold in boxes of 50. $40 per box plus shipping. (or best reasonable offer) Unless you’re in the Houston area in which case I’ll meet up.
  2. .303 Identification

    Well the deed is done, can is opened. The ammo is in beautiful shape. Appears to be South African, from 1980. Does you friend have any guesstimate as to value?
  3. .303 Identification

    Buddy H your suggestion of weighing the unopened tin is very helpful, as is your entire post. Thanks very much! I just weighed the unopened tin. 80.5 pounds on my bathroom scales! I have several letters on on my computer a letter which accompanied payment for .303 I was buying. But I couldn't tell which went with what ammo. One of the letters states I'm buying 1300 rounds of South African manufactured in the 1980s. So your suggestion along with the weight confirms my thought that it was the South African. Do you (or anyone else) have any idea of the value of 1300 rounds of .303 South African? I'm really hesitant to open the can as I think that increases the value. Given that I now it is the South African, do you still advise opening it?
  4. Hello, new member here. I could use some help please. A few years ago (I think in 2009) I bought an unopened case of .303 ammo. I think it is South African, pretty sure 1300 rounds. I never opened the case because I still haven't used up my open .303 ammo. Now I'm thinking of selling off the unopened case but I can't remember exactly what is in it. I don't want to open the sealed steel case because I figure the ammo is worth more if its in the original unsealed can. Can anyone identify the ammo, the country of manufacture from the unopened can. Probably not, but I figure its worth asking. The only identification on the can is a capital D with either i6 or 16 inside the D.