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  1. Biden will confiscate NFA first?

    That will make Registered machine guns more valuable.....
  2. Biden will confiscate NFA first?

    Hope you are right, I ma going to go ahead and get one again and this time keep it until I die one way or another.....
  3. Biden will confiscate NFA first?

    Very good quote thank you for posting it
  4. Biden will confiscate NFA first?

    I remember the 1994 assault ban, what a joke. To me all it did was remove scary looking things to liberals like bayonet lugs and pistol grips, etc. Stupidest law....thank god it sunset....
  5. Biden will confiscate NFA first?

    I have had several registered machine guns and was thinking about buying another. One thing they can do is just say they can be transferred anymore. I never thought I would see this day. My Dad talked about bringing his Winchester collection into his high school for hobby day, lol. That was probably right during WW2.
  6. What do you think about them going after NFA weapons first as they are already registered?
  7. Looking for an SWD RLL Have cash, will pay 15K, thanks Karl
  8. Thompson M1928A1 parts kit

    Were is the barrel?
  9. WTB: Threaded sten barrel

    ON gunbroker for I think $95, got one, very nice
  10. SOLD MAC 10/45 w/LAGE MK1

    I actually coupled with a threaded rod to an additional lead filled at buffer and used its recoil spring. Will give you a call, thank you
  11. SOLD MAC 10/45 w/LAGE MK1

    Thank you, had a registered SWD MAC11 in AZ years ago that I built my own ar15 stock adapter and with lead poured buffer double the mass of the bolt and it was very slow, 650 ish rpm.....This was years before I saw another company do it. Have to see what I can sell fast as would love to have it.....
  12. SOLD MAC 10/45 w/LAGE MK1

    I thought the LAGE upper may add mass to the bolt and slow the rate? Thanks, Karl
  13. SOLD MAC 10/45 w/LAGE MK1

    Do you know the rate of fire? Thanks, Karl