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  1. Hi MWT- nothing is stamped on the receiver but paperwork says .223.
  2. A lot of these receivers were apparently shot extensively when they were in service. Many of them had “egged out” holes. Figured I would keep it for a while so I had machine gun Joe do the work to pair them.
  3. I have tried to post the pictures but for some reason they will not and i have contacted the admin to help me get them up. As to the reason my IP shows Louisiana is because that is where I am from and I am currently at home visiting my family and using their computer to make the initial post . I will be back in Colorado this weekend.
  4. Item for sale -a Group Industries full auto lower model M16A1 Serial number A0104. This lower was purchased in 2013 from a collector in Oregon. These lowers are made of stainless steel Not aluminum. They will last forever. All holes were refilled and tapped by Machine Gun Joe. This lower comes with an LWRC upper receiver and everything you see in the pictures. It runs well. Asking $32,000. Buyer pays $200 transfer cost and UPS shipping costs, including insurance. 100% payment starts transfer process, from Colorado, on Form 4. Sorry, not interested in trades at this time.