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  1. Mg 34

    Tech question. An mg34 using decent 8mm all of its life and generally has remained nicely functional. In the 40 years of ownership In the same family has always been properly cleaned. Always the same day immediately after each use. Always painstakingly hot soap and water and then oil...takes hours. The question. A small pit inside the main receiver. Well known and well focused on at all times. Understood how the receivers were soft metallurgy as to their history of twist. The question is once that very top surface is breeched even if ever so slightly, Is the metallurgy of such metal that it would deteriorate more quickly over time (like a Pennsylvania pot hole in the road). Regardless of how well it is cared for?
  2. WTB ANM2 .30 Sights

    Like to buy one set of original ANM2 .30 sites. Rear clamp on adjustable style and front US or Brit no matter. Please contact me anytime. Judd 412-979-0567