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  1. Mp44 bring back. Dismal info on legalizing it.

    I have no option of lost paperwork. After reading advice from you all, I'll strip it down and just turn in the receiver. Maybe sell off the parts and build a nice rifle my grandfather would be proud of. Something I can pass down to my boy. I appreciate your time!
  2. Mp44 bring back. Dismal info on legalizing it.

    Yeah, I've had the numbers searched, but it's not documented/registered. I've already been in contact with a federal agent friend and atf about it. Doesn't seem there's much I can do. All of my local museums have some of these already. Unfortunately, this one will be turned in.
  3. So, my grandfather had a mp44 that was brought back by his brother. Unfortunately, it missed the registration and it seems there's no way to legalize it in any form. Any of you experts (don't guess, assume, or speculate) have any ideas on options?!