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  1. Tentatively sold pending funds, Thank you, Wayne
  2. Hello All: WTS US M-14, H&R, select fire, uncut original, full up National Match with spare M2 stock with all metal. Incredible accurate. Beautiful gun. Late production with all improvements. Has semi only selector knob for match use to prevent full auto. Select fire knob installed now. 10 magazines Price: $35000 or best offer plus $200 transfer tax plus shipping.
  3. Hello All For sale , NIB, Valmet M76 with 30 and 10 round mag, .223, Price: $3500 OBO plus shipping and insurance. Thank you, Wayne, wpleasant@comcast.net
  4. Hello All; For sale, IMI UZI NIB 32 round mags, $50 each plus shipping. IMI UZI used mags, 32 round, $35 each plus shipping. Thankyou, Wayne
  5. 7.7 mm machine gun ammo for sale on ammo board if one were to want to shoot it. Had one years ago and fun to shoot. Wayne
  6. WTS, British SubGun Collection, all C&R

    Thanks, reason for selling, getting old.......
  7. Hello All: Rare combination of all the British WW II sub guns. All original and C&R, very nice condition. All brought back by same vet. Also included spare parts, parts set, extra magazines etc. Mark 5 has original front wood grip as well as spare grip. Each has original slings. Same vet bring back from WWII. STEN MK II STEN MK 5 Lanchester Price: $50,000 or best offer, plus $200 each transfer tax and shipping and insurance.
  8. Hello All; WTS, Japan, Type 92, 7.7 mm semi rimmed ammo on early brass feed strips. Clean in original wrapping. Price: $25 each plus shipping. 10 or more $20 each. Thank you for looking. Thank you
  9. Hello All: Really cool French MAS 38/Mle in 7.65 original caliber. Very rare. With original sling. Price: $8500 plus $200 transfer and shipping to your dealer. Thank you, Wayne
  10. Hello All; Tentatively sold pending funds. Will relist if anything changes. Thank you for all your interest. WTS Polytech Legend NIB underfolder with milled receiver. Pre Ban. With all that it cam with, 3 mags, bayonet, oil bottle, manuals. Never fired. 7.62 X 39. Price; $3000 or best offer. Thank you
  11. Hello All; For sale, NIB 50 round GALIL mags IMI, $125; SOLD, thank you all for the interest NIB 32 round UZI, IMI, $75 Used 35 round GALIL, $40 Thank you very much
  12. Hello All WTS, two original, never seen otherwise, Johnson magazines. Many others, just ask Price $150 ea or best offer, plus shipping. wpleasant@comcast.net Thank you, Wayne
  13. Hello All Have 5 original Powder Springs M11 .380 magazines. Rare with the dual shim. Three blued with Cobray logo, two parkerized without logo. All made really well and excellent condition. Many others, just ask. Price: $200 each or best offer plus shipping. Thank you, wpleasant@comcast.net
  14. WTS, STEN II, ERB, Transferable

    Thank you very much for the offer. I see others selling at $7995 aka 8K so I think $6500 is fair for a quality made STEN by ERB. Give it two weeks or so and if not sold I will re visit your offer. I can be reached directly at, wpleasant@comcast.net Best, Wayne