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  1. WTS, AKSU KRINKOV, Transferrable

    Thank you all for your interest. SOLD. If anything changes I will let all know. Wayne
  2. Hello All: Former SOT selling best of the best from many year collection. Colt, AS NEW but no box, M16A1 carbine. Transfer on Form 4 tax paid. Price $35,000 plus transfer tax plus shipping. Really nice and as good as they get. Thank you, Wayne
  3. Hello All: This is a perfectly running with Chinese drums or 30/40 round mags, Murray Urbach built with a new Bulgarian parts kit on a Fleming converted ClayCo receiver. Min Shah China factory AKS. Former SOT best of the best from my colection. 7.62X39, works with all mags perfectly. Very good to excellent condition. Incredible flamethrower and fast! Fully transferrable on Form 4 tax paid. Price is $35,000 plus $200 transfer plus shipping and insurance. Thank you, Wayne
  4. Hello All Former many year SOT selling best of the best from my collection. NIB, IMI, Pre May DS UZI full size. With all shipped accessories. Will transfer to SOT on tax paid Form 4. Absolutely new unfired. Price $15,000 plus $200 transfer plus shipping and insurance. Absolutely excellent. Thank you, Wayne
  5. Search question

    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. Also about search needing 4 characters.
  6. Hello Good Sir: Best to you and yours. If I do a search on Uzi or uzi, I get no results when there are many listings for Uzi? What am I doing wrong? Also, is it OK to list MG for sale with "Best Offer above $$,$$$? Without a price to see what the market is for a rare MG? Thank you, Wayne
  7. Any interest. Accepting offers. Beautiful gun.
  8. $25 plus shipping for each strip. $20 plus for 10 or more strips....

    Thank you. On form 5 now. Will transfer on Form 4, $200 tax paid to a dealer, SOT. Works perfect, one mag, shot only 100 ro0unds or less. Shoots really nice, typical walther quality.
  10. Hello All; WTS, Walter MPL, 9mm, Pre 86 sales sample keeper. Sold only to class III. Incredible nice firing gun. Well made and finished, original. Price: $5995 OBO, plus $200 transfer tax and shipping. Thank you for looking