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  1. The receiver is uncut and in original shape and there is no sign of welding anywhere on the gun. The stock currently on the gun does not match but going through boxes last week, I was able to find the original stock that does match the barrel. Rifling is strong but the entire bore is pretty rough. Email me for more pics if you're interested.
  2. Two plastic mags; one appears to be a 20 and the other a 30.
  3. Sorry if I missed an earlier message but but the only direct email I have from you is from this Saturday when I explained that I wasn't going to be able to get you photos until the end of this week.
  4. I’ve not received an email or DM from you that I’m aware of. I’m heading down to WV Thursday to get more pics for those that have asked. If anyone would like a specific angle or photo, please DM and I’ll do my best to accommodate.
  5. You’ll have to click the links but they do seem to be working on my phone and desktop. BB, yes. He passed nearly 3 years ago and all of these have transferred to her on F5 as of 2019. Assuming you’d like your dealer to acquire them directly, then yes they will transfer out on F4’s.
  6. We are helping a deceased friend's widow liquidate the last of his personal MG collection. All of these guns are in excellent to new condition and on F5's in WV and ready to transfer ASAP. These guns each have mags and other accessories that can be included. We will cover the first transfer and are willing to do 50/50 to get them to your dealer. Asking prices are fairly firm and do not include shipping but do feel free to make an offer. Please email josh@alleghenyarms.com with any questions or for more photos. If the item has not been lined out and/or noted as sold or pending it is still available for sale. Beretta 38A 9mm - $19500 Colt 614 (commercial M16) 5.56 - $24500 Beretta BM59 7.62 - $16000 SWD (RPB Atl, GA) M11A1 .380 - $7500 Broadhead Armory M2 conversion pack in Inland M1 - $12500 Broadhead Armory M2 conversion pack in Inland M1 w/ para stock - $12500 West Hurley 1928 .45acp - $19500 MK Arms MK760 9mm - $7000 **SALE PENDING** Hard Times Armory AK22 - $8500 **SALE PENDING** Military Arms Corp (Powder Springs) MAC10 9mm w/ MAC silencer - $8750 **SALE PENDING**