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  1. WTB: Sig PE57 barrel

    I am looking for a PE57 or STGW57 barrel in 7.5 mm. If you have one to sell, or know where I can find one, please contact me. Thank you!
  2. Tony, Thanks for your reply on the other forum. I'm looking for more details, as it seems incredible to me that HK actually "tooled up" to make a gun case for the PSG1, that could be readily bought off the shelf from a supplier. I could be completely wrong, and maybe HK did make them, but the Australian museum website's info seems pretty generic, in my opinion. I am aware the PSG1A1 used the Peli 1750 case, that is not what I'm looking for. I am looking for DETAILS on the original PSG1 case. Thanks again! and I appreciate your help. John
  3. I know this is an oddball question, but does anyone know what type or brand of rifle case HK used for their PSG1 rifles? Thanks!
  4. I am looking for a HK PSG1 trigger pack. I don't need the grip/housing... just the "guts" that drop into the housing. If you have a trigger pack for sale, please let me know. Email is best: jntmjt1 AT yahoo - com Thank you!
  5. WTB: HK PSG1 buttstock...

    I am looking for a PSG1 buttstock. If you have one to sell, please email me at jntmjt1 AT yahoo - com. Thank you! JT
  6. I am looking for a post WWII buttstock (black Bakelite) for my MG3 project. If you have one to sell, please email me at jntmjt1@yahoo.com Thank you!
  7. I'm looking for a 7.62 barrel for my semi-auto M53. Let me know if you have one to sell. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it must be good enough for actual shooting.Email is best: jntmjt1@yahoo.comThanks!
  8. Retro Arms Works in Warsaw, IL... Title 1 transfers. Phone (801)441-2801 or email jntmjt1@yahoo.com My username is jntmjt1 and my website is www.RetroArmsWorks.com THANKS!