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  1. New to board, first FA, questions on 22 units

    hey everyone, thanks for the info and insight. Especially Mike Todd. funny you mention about running 45 cal can on the 180 and then cleaning on a 45 with a mag or two. I called one suppressor company and they said not to do it. I guess they just want to sell rimfire suppressors!!!! would a direct thread 9mm can do the same? or do you need the extra size of the 45 hole to make it work? Cant wait to get delivery of my 180. any tips on running the gun? lube? do's and donts?
  2. 22 Full auto questions

    thanks for th einfo. I am getting the AM 180 but may get a CMMG upper for my M16 as a secondary. anyone have any suggestions on suppressors for running on 22 FA? they can lead up pretty quick. I have read some say that use a centerfire suppressor and then after you load it up with lead fouling form rimfire, put it on a 45 and crank a mag or two through it to blast all the crap out. Urban legend or truth?? I have several 22 cans and they are FA rated but I dont think for extended mag dumps/ definitely not for 275 rds at 1400 rpm!!!
  3. 22 Full auto questions

    Why did you get rid of your 180? Did it function with subsonic ammunition or standard velocity ammunition? I want to be able to run it suppressed and use standard velocity or subsonic. Was there any downside to the 180? Other than cost? The thing I don’t like about that upper for the M-16 that takes the horizontal mags is that you got a change out the fire control parts. That’s not a big deal but doing it all the time and having to pull the selector switch and everything else gets to be a pain in the ass.
  4. 22 Full auto questions

    I have a Colt M16. looking at 22 conversion unit for it or an American 180 The Tactical Innovations upper looks cool but I don't want to have to switch fire control parts all the time to go form caliber to caliber. who makes a good 22 upper and mags that will be drop in, no messing with compatible with my Colt? one that will reliably run subsonic for suppressor use. Or do I look at an American 180 and go with that? does anyone know if the American 180 runs with sub sonic? looking at suppressor capabilities also and whatever I get I would like to run subs in it to get best noise reduction. its all about the fun factor more than anything. thoughts, observations, suggestions
  5. I just joined I am new to the NFA world. Just bought my first FA, a Colt M16. now the wait!!! anyway, I will attest, suppressors are the gateway drug to heavy full auto addiction. I am looking at another FA purchase already. just cant get enough.