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  1. WTB - UMP 4 POS Lower - 0,1,2,f

    ttt. Anyone have one lying around and would like to sell it?
  2. WTB - UMP 4 POS Lower - 0,1,2,f

    Hi rcpd34, Just looking for the lower - already have 2 UMP's with a can . Would you be interested in swapping a 0,1,f lower for the 0,1,2,f lower on that gun ? Thanks! Spartan 07/02
  3. Israeli .50 BMG API, APIT

    PM sent - waiting for a reply
  4. Israeli .50 BMG API, APIT

    Pm sent
  5. WTS: Assorted Transferable Machine Guns

    Would you consider selling just the HK51 host?
  6. Worth also pointing out that it has been cut to use with a threaded barrel and probably shouldn't be shot with an actual MP5k/SP89. I know because I cut mine just like this . Anyone have a cut one like this and shot a mp5k barrel through it?
  7. WTB - UMP 4 POS Lower - 0,1,2,f

    Bump- Anyone have one available ? Thank you!
  8. WTB MP5k 80* locking piece

    As the title says. If you have an extra one lying around the shop, I'd love to take it off your hands The 80 degree locking piece for shooting suppressed mp5k. Thanks Spartan
  9. As title says, looking to buy new or lightly used complete UMP lower receiver with 2 round burst. Mfr Part: 242979 Thank you, Spartan
  10. WTB UZI Octane adapter

    I have an UZI and I have an Octane... Help me find an adapter Thank you,
  11. WTB MP5k LSC flat

    Like the title says. Let me know if you have a LSC MP5k flat. Pm with what you have. Thanks!
  12. Fraud Alert!!!!

    New user by name of "tomjay" using email quick google shows scam account. Block/ban.
  13. If you have one - the plastic one - please let me know. Also need the plastic lever - if you have one as well great - if not I can buy from below. Thank you! Spartan
  14. Like the title says... Pictures would be appreciated before I go out and buy a reverse stretch mp5k. Thank you! -Spartan