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  1. Wtb g36 lower / trigger

    Looking to buy a 3 or 4 posistion G36 trigger pack. Let me know if you have a spare. Know it will not be chopped up and will live happily on my G36c Thanks!
  2. WTB HK MP5 MP5K sear gun

    Are you looking for a clone to use with your sear?
  3. FOUND- g3/cetme high cap magazines

    Found a few. Thanks
  4. Howdy Like the title says, Looking to buy a few high capacity G3 / Cetme magazines Have a new HK51 clone and 20rds just isn't enough. Let me know what you have.
  5. Drop in 4 position m16 trigger?

    Did a credit card complaint and got my money back. They were a scam, thankfully my brother is handy and was able to make/cnc me a 4 pos lower that works great.
  6. HK or Clone

    Likely a parts kit build using a US made flat. They did not graft on the magwell. Surprised no markings on the bolt head. Usually there is something to let you know who made it. There NEEDS to be manufacture markings somewhere showing city/state/manufacture. This can be hidden on the barrel, inside the rails, but usually where you see that Made in the USA "R". Any other pictures? How about the trigger pack - looks like a silver colored trigger which is not German? So many questions
  7. WTB hendsoldt Illuminating projector

    Found. Please close.
  8. What type of agency wrote the letter? I was worried this would take effect.
  9. WTB MP5SD Post Sample - Letter in hand

    I have neither unfortunately. If you'd like cash send me a PM.
  10. WTB MP5SD Post Sample - Letter in hand

    Btt. Still looking
  11. Sounds Ike you should stay far away from that site.
  12. WTB MP5 4 Position Burst Lower

    Closing thread as we found one this past week. Thanks to all
  13. Best Option HK Parts Kit VS. Post Dealer Sample

    Sent you a PM - interested in one as a post sample.
  14. Best Option HK Parts Kit VS. Post Dealer Sample

    Pm sent, should be a crime to chop up a MP5SD