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  1. Arsenal Sam7SFK SBR with Wolverine

    Would you sell the gun without the can?
  2. I have a signed law letter in hand for the following, PM me if you have any for sale. Brugger & Thomet, APC, 9mm Luger Brugger & Thomet, MP9, 9mm Luger FNH, F2000, 5.56x45mm FNH, P90, 5.7x28mm FNH, SCARH, 7.62x51mm Glock, 18, 9mm Luger Heckler & Koch, MP5, 9mm Luger Heckler & Koch, MP5K, 9mm Luger Heckler & Koch, MP5SD, 9mm Luger Heckler & Koch, UMP, 9mm Luger Heckler & Koch, UMP, 45 Auto Kriss Arms, Vector, 9mm Luger Kriss Arms, Vector, 45 Auto Sig Sauer, MCX, 5.56x45mm Sig Sauer, MCX, 7.62x35mm Sig Sauer, MPX, 9mm Luger
  3. Modern Post Samples

    I am an active 07/02 looking for the following post sample firearms: Kriss Vector in 45 Auto HK UMP in 45 Auto FN P90 Glock 18 (not a converted 17) Modern production MP5, A3 stock preferred, but I'll take the UMP style stock as well (must have 3 lug or ISB) B&T MP9 B&T APC HK MP7 (fat chance, I know) Thank you, Dominic