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  1. WTB: WW2-Vietnam Era 4.2" Mortar Rounds

    I have a 1951 dated m329 HE 4.2 Inert of course, pm me of you’re interested.
  2. Would you shoot this rifle ???

    As long as I’m not buying the ammo, why not. Probably gonna hurt though.
  3. M249 / M240 parts lot 2 collapseable m249 buttstocks 2 m249 railed lower hand guards, 1 with screws 1 without 1 m249 bipod 1 m240 broken shell extractor, 1 m240 carbon scraper 1 m249 upper hand guard 1 m249 box feed adapter all parts look new with minor handling marks, stains. sold as is, shipping to lower 48 only. 350.00 takes it all,shipping included PM me an email address if you would like to see pictures or have any questions thanks.