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  1. FS Armalite AR10 magazines

    I’ll take them.
  2. 50 BMG Mounts Tombstone Ammo

    How much are you asking for the deck mount?
  3. Colt Thompson Price help

    There’s a big difference between your friends WWII gun and a Colt Thompson. I’m just starting my Thompson search but I would consider $30k a steal for this. EDIT Sorry Didn’t realize GG addressed this.
  4. Is the subguns boards down

    I browse the new gunspot/machine gun central pages pretty frequently. That website really is so poorly built. I like the idea of someone trying to keep gunbroker honest but come on you've got to get the easy stuff right.
  5. Would you shoot this rifle ???

    They had an interesting article in Shotgun news a few years ago about some T-Rex rilfe. It talked about 'falling forward' as you pulled the trigger and letting the recoil push you up. Wouldn't do much for accuracy but that's the only way I'd shoot it.
  6. Test

    Hello World.