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  1. WTB Suomi Coffin magazines

    Looking to buy several Suomi Coffin magazines. Steve
  2. Replacing springs on a Reising Model 50

    Thank you Kevin for your reply and info and I will post the result of my project.
  3. The Reising Model 50 that I own came with a set of Wolff replacement springs. There are ( 8 ) springs in this set of Wolff springs. How big of a job is it replacing the ( 8 ) springs? I have field stripped this weapon a number of times to clean it but I have never disassembled the Model 50 to the extent that is required to replace the ( 8 ) springs. Are there videos available to demonstrate this process? Any help is appreciated.
  4. Recently I was at the range with the Model 50 and the weapon operated fine in semi-auto mode ( ie ) pull the trigger and the gun would fire then release the trigger and pull the trigger and the gun would fire and continue until the 20 round magazine was empty. NO PROBLEM!!!! Then I went to FULL AUTO mode with a 20 round magazine installed and I pulled the trigger the gun would fire off 6 to 8 rounds and then stop, I then would release the trigger and then repulled the trigger again and the gun would fire off 6 to 8 rounds and stop and then I released the trigger and repulled the trigger and the gun emptied the magazine. I had ( 6 ) 20 round magazines loaded and I fired them all and I experienced the same scenario above on ALL ( 6 ) magazines in that I had to continue to repeatedly pull the trigger to empty the magazines in FULL AUTO mode. BIG NEW PROBLEM!!!!! ANY ideas as to the CAUSE of this BIG NEW PROBLEM is greatly appreciated!!!!!
  5. WTB several Double Tap 45 acp magazines that will run in my BRP U45.
  6. Suomi stripper clips

    WTB some Suomi 36 round 9mm stripper clips. Will buy up to 50 depending on cost!! Thank you: Steve
  7. M3A1 magazines

    WTB M3A1 magazines Thank you: Steve
  8. Suomi Stripper clips

    Thanks but too pricey for me!
  9. Suomi Stripper clips

    WTB Suomi 9 mm stripper clips. The stripper clips hold 36 rounds of 9mm ammo
  10. Suomi 9mm Stripper clips

    Looking for a source to buy some Suomi 9mm stripper clips? Any help is appreciated!!
  11. Reising Model 50 Drum

    WTB a drum made by Troy Edhlund of barrelxchange for my Reising Model 50. Any help or leads are appreciated. Thank You: Steve
  12. Taylor & Bingham Drum

    Want to Buy a Taylor & Bingham 45 cal drum that was made for the 1911 Colt pistol. I appreciate any help in locating 1 of these drums.
  13. Reising magazines

    I didn’t realize when I bought this Model 50 that magazines would be difficult to locate. Steve
  14. Reising magazines

    Sorry, I have no 20 round magazines and I am looking to acquire several if I find a source. Steve
  15. Reising magazines

    Evening: Thank you!! Steve