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  1. WTS Stemple Suomi Package(LOOK!!)

    Sorry to hear that brother. Get better soon!
  2. Entry level 223 transferables

    Once you get past the sticker shock on what transferables go for it is all good. You have to remember there are only a finite amount of transferables available. When I bought my M16 I figured that would be my only machinegun given the cost. 2 years later I am now actively looking for my second machinegun, an H&K MP5. As others have pointed out a MAC is a really nice subgun with the Lage accessories and it is still on my list of guns to own.
  3. WTB Colt 653 14.5" Barrel

  4. Entry level 223 transferables

    I was in the same boat about 2 years ago shopping for my first transferable. MAC was first choice because most affordable and with Lage options it makes it into a usable fun subgun vs being a bullet hose. I quickly released that 223/5.56 platform was more of what I really wanted and started shopping FNC and various Colt and non-Colt conversions. FNC definitely more affordable then M16 platform but many on the different forums pointed out parts much harder to find for FNC vs M16. So I settled in on M16 platform and patiently waited and ended up finding a mint Colt M16A1 for what I thought was a decent price. Yes, I could have got an SP1 conversion or non-Colt conversion cheaper but I believe in buy once cry once mantra and could not be happier in my purchase. Best advice is to decide what you are absolutely willing to spend and then you can narrow down the choices you listed in your initial post. Sturm is a great resource for advice and also to find that exact gun you are looking for. Good luck in your search!
  5. Potential Scam Accounts

    I have received to messages from this scammer on a WTB I have for a Colt barrel. Same
  6. WTB Transferable H&K MP5 or H&K Sear

    Sent you an email, thanks!
  7. WTB Transferable H&K MP5 or H&K Sear

    Replied thanks!
  8. WTB Transferable H&K MP5 or H&K Sear

    Happy New Year Bump!
  9. WTB Colt 653 14.5" Barrel

  10. It is a shame as Gunbroker could be so much better. Gunbroker Pay is a joke for sellers and buyers.
  11. I bought my first machinegun on this forum year and a half ago. I am always impressed with the expertise and professionalism that the dealers have on the guns they are selling. Thanks all for making this a great NFA forum.
  12. HOLY CRAP !!!!!!

    Wow, that is some serious coin there. Awesome setup.
  13. WTB Colt 653 14.5" Barrel

  14. WTB Transferable H&K MP5 or H&K Sear

    Thanks, I did just see that earlier. Emailed the seller with questions.