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  1. Lage MAX 31 MK1 steel upper receiver complete kit. This has the slow bolt tactical foregrip and 1/2x28 barrel thread. Uses 72 and 50 round Suomi M31 9mm magazines. Comes with one 72 round drum. This upper attaches to any M11/9. Due to the reduced ROF 770 RPM and longer bolt travel, muzzle rise is reduced, the gun feels much smoother in operation and easily stays on target. It converts the worthless M11 to a super effective subgun you could compete with. The MAX-31 attaches to the stock M-11/9 lower receiver without any modification to the lower receiver and uses your existing retaining pin. 50 round M31 "Coffin" magazines can also be used with the MAX-31, but the 36 round double feed magazines are not compatible. $1000 plus fees and shipping.
  2. WTB Mini Uzi

    WTB Mini Uzi preferably registered receiver open or closed bolt