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  1. WTS : M249 stuff

    BTT with lower prices
  2. WTS : M249 stuff

  3. WTS : M249 stuff

  4. Fits HK MR556A1, HK416, AR15 and all high quality AR/M4/M16 type firearms. I have 16 mags . Will sell as set of 4 mags for $60 shipped. ( makes each mag for $15) 4 sets for sell. ALL SOLD on a different board
  5. WTS : M249 stuff

  6. WTS: Polish PM63 Stuf

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  7. WTS : NIB and never used FAB Defense KPOS convertion PDW Stock for GLOCK pistols. Comes with sling and box. $160 shipped . ALL NFA rules apply
  8. Polish AK47 laminated upper and lower handguard new and unissued. These are Genuine Polish military production made at the Radom factory. Made for milled receiver guns. These must be modified for use with later production stamped AKM style weapons. Polish AK47 laminated buttstock for milled receiver AK47. These are new unissued old stock. Genuine Polish military production made at the Radom factory. Stock has 2 tang cuts for the upper and lower tangs of a milled receiver AK. All $85 shipped.
  9. WTS : M249 stuff

  10. WTS . Over 1500 new M27 links ( 223 / 5,56 ) . $60 shipped SPF