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  1. The UZI PSB is a Pistol Stabilizing Brace and accompanying side-folding adapter from IWI developed for the Uzi Pro Pistol. New and never used. $90 shipped
  2. WTS: new and unfired FN249S in 5,56 . Comes with hard fitted case, black plastic m249 SAW ammo box,, links,30 rds FN mag, 150 rds green tip ammo in chrome links ( which I get for a display) manual. $6750 plus SH SOLD to Oceanside
  3. 1. New HK German MP5K 4 Position (0,1,3,F) Burst Trigger Group $650 shipped SOLD to Side Arm Sams 2. WTS: New German HK MP5 3 position Navy (0,1, Full) Trigger Group $375 Shipped
  4. 1. LNEW IMI barrel in 9mm for UZI Pistol or Micro $80 Shipped 2 . New Ported barrel in 9mm for UZI Pistol or Micro $ 90 Shipped. ( last picture)
  5. WTS Micro UZI parts kit 9mm with new barrel 9mm.. $850
  6. WTS: Polish PM63 Stuf

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  7. WTS IMI UZI pistol in 9mm

    SOLD to AlanRosner
  8. Ok. 5 days after no payment and lack of communication. Stock is fo sale again. Thanks
  9. Back to top with price drop $100 shipped
  10. WTS : Pistol SIG SB brace with buffer . Taken of from a new unfired gun. $50 . Sold
  11. WTS IMI UZI pistol in 9mm

    Back to top with another price cut
  12. Ok. Info send to private mail
  13. New and never in gun. HK SP5K Specification Full Auto Bolt Carrier - US Made $110 shipped SOLD