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  1. Best Option HK Parts Kit VS. Post Dealer Sample

    The high price of post samples is mostly "no-law letter" guns. Though all seem to be a bit high right now. SD would be tricky. Are the suppressors transferable or dealer samples?
  2. That'd be an awesome start to a 20mm, 25mm, or 30mm cannon build from a surplus barrel.
  3. Anyone have cobra parts?

    I believe twin m134s were an option for those turrets. Just most common to see the m134/40mm setup. Ammo could be made if you find the right shells. It'd be even easier than a mk19 since you don't need them to cycle the gun. And you can find projos easy, and many cases can be reloaded if you know what to look for. I think the gun and feed mechanism would be the hardest part. Primarily the gun itself. I'll ask around to see what I can find. Almost as cool as the WW2 ball turret that was at big sandy
  4. m16a1 vs m4

    Yep, manufacturers used to be able to replace a transferable MG receiver for warranty work until the AFT changed their mind (as usual). M4/M16A2 style lowers are a different casting that (as mentioned) has more meat by the buffer tube, and may have other features that the original lacked, such as a fence around the mag release, or different size pin holes. You can Google all the variations of Colt lower receivers. It's a good way to verify how old a lower actually is.
  5. Lol. Have you seen m16 recievers? Or practically any other MG receiver for sale? The only thing I can add is that ruger used to replace receivers with with stockpile they had for warranty work up until the late 90s or early 2000s until they ran out. If they didn't stupidly destroy them, they may have a supply of repairable receivers
  6. Lol. Have you seen m16 recievers? Or practically any other MG receiver for sale?
  7. Awesome! thanks for the info. Wasn't sure if it was something in the Central Ohio area or a MG shoot. But that doesn't sound like a bad drive!
  8. Anyone have cobra parts?

    Very cool! I know the guy at littlebird llc in El Paso has a cobra project. There are a few others out there. Two minis would be an awesome setup to see firing. The display bird outside my door Still has the 7.62 and 40mm feed drums in it. But the guns are just cut up barrels welded to a plate. Wish I had some parts to help. The easiest thing would probably be to re-wire it to a custom joystick control unit and maybe make your own sighting system from a POV camera setup. Good luck and keep us updated on what you find!
  9. What range was that video at? Just curious as it looks like a good place to lob some 40mm.
  10. Knob Creek, finally made it!

    My wife, our dad's and I had a good time as well. I'll miss the shoot dearly. It was my 7thnor 8th shoot since my dad first took me in 2005. Wish I didn't miss as many as I did.
  11. Tom leihmon in WA state makes great replica parts and replica uppers, and is a great guy to deal with. Originals are pretty rare but sometime seen. Sorry I can't help you on value, but if you are looking for one rather than trying to sell one, I guess my info useful.
  12. First time going to Knob Creek

    I think this year I'm taking one of those little fold up carts. Most people will hold your large items til you come back later to pick it up. I usually
  13. Changing locations - new SOT?

    Let the atf know and they sometimes expedite the form 4s for your customers.
  14. I still have one of those Portuguese ammo can sets. I bought it off James or vahan to stand on and see over the crowd. I think I paid 8 bucks for the set and my buddy said I got ripped off, lol. That was my first KCR shoot I think.
  15. WTB: M16 or converted AR15 from SOT.

    I think he is looking for a transferable in the hands of an SOT?