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  1. Making a custom upper for a MG

    the problem with the MP5 idea is that the MP5 "upper" is considered the receiver. so you would be making a new machinegun. Only way to do that is with a registered sear, cant use another machinegun receiver
  2. well that wasn't racist at all... sarcasm implied
  3. Knob Creek Shoot for October 2020 CANCELLED

    that is saddening. sure hope I can make the April shoot next year
  4. Hello! New member 07/02 here Hi!

    good to see you here. don't snatch up all the good deals!
  5. VZ52/57 LMG Stolen Parts

    from my google search it looks like theyve already gotten robbed 3 times this year! are you saying they returned your gun without the Bolt installed? why did they have it? more details please
  6. Delay in mailing out approved forms?

    do your own fingerprints and save money and time. I sent the first two i ever did and they accepted them no problem. capitol armory has a good video on youtube how to fill them out
  7. Putting together parts kits

    My new buddy down the road has an awesome M16A1 replica he made by welding an original magwell on to an 80%lower he machined to match. Not exactly what we are discussing, but its very cool, though tons of work. He also got into building AKs by rewelding the receivers into semi autos before he figured out how to make new ones. Most of the rarer-semi auto guns like the DshK are made from rewelds because there are no receivers available. Some RPDs are done like that and quite a few more belt feds
  8. Putting together parts kits

    Got Uzi, that is not true. Once destroyed to ATF specifications, the receiver is nothing more than a couple hunks of metal. you CAN reweld the receiver, but it must be rewelded in such a way that it is not a machine gun. so essentially you must add any "blocking bar" or other modification into the design before you finish the receiver to a functional state. The "once a machinegun" rule that is so often misquoted, applies to machinegun receivers that are modified into semi autos. For example, you can't take a post 86 M16, weld up the sear pin holes, and call it a semi auto. Its a completely ridiculous and made up rule that should not exist, but some knucklehead at the ATF said that's the way it is. As far as paying a shop to do it. Well that can get hairy. If you are paying a regular machine shop to clean up some receiver chunks, then its ok. If you are paying them to finish, weld, or modify the receiver, then they need a manufacturers license. If you are at your buddy's house and he has a mill in his garage that he helps you use, your probably good. If you give him 20 bucks to weld/grind/etc, he needs a license. its stupid, but its the law
  9. WTS: CZ RV85 flare rifle 26.5mm $500

    good buy National! I would have been all over this if I didn't buy some new Night vision parts last night!
  10. Is the subguns boards down

    Frank's emails like to fill up my spam folder as well. It'd be hard to buy anything from Frank after he bought subguns and killed it like he did. He made so many promises to Tom and all the rest of the regulars about how nothing would change. Then he changed them bit by bit til nothing remained, making half ass excuses the whole time. I honestly think he hired one of the least qualified website designers to make MGC, it looked like crap from the beginning, and he kept saying how hard she was working at it, only to fire her later.
  11. wts 2 cases m583a1 40mm illum, steel core AK ammo

    Wish I could afford the cases, but if you decide to open any up I would be interested in a couple 40mm rounds. And maybe some of the steel core to go along with them