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  1. WTB TIPPMANN F/A 1919 or 1917

    Did you find your Tippmann? If not I have two 1919s, consecutive. Will sell one or both
  2. WTB: PRE-86 Dealer Sample FN MAG-58 / M240

    Thanks for responding, I’m new on here and I’m going to be selling a few things I’ve had for many years. Any idea what these are valued at these days? I have most accessories and many spare parts and barrels.
  3. WTB:. 20mm x 138B Ammo

    Hello, I have some but I’m not sure of its value. It’s the German tracer with blue projectile.
  4. WTB: PRE-86 Dealer Sample FN MAG-58 / M240

    Are you still looking for a pre may mag58? I’m considering selling mine.