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  1. For sale is a used Ruger 10/22 with a side folding stock. It is in the same style as the old M1 Carbine Paratrooper guns. Rifle is in good shape and functions as expected. Asking $375, I will ship to your FFL. Buyer will also pay 6.75% tax Pictures
  2. For sale is a Spanish M43 Air Force Mauser. They are very similar to the K98k, but have a straight bolt instead of a bent one. The wood and rifling are in great condition. Asking $500, will ship to FFL. Buyer will also pay 6.75% tax Pictures
  3. For sale is a Type 53 Carbine made in 1955. The stock, receiver, and floor plate match but the bolt and butt plate do not. The bayonet works as it should, the cleaning rod is missing. I can ship if needed, buyer must pay tax. Asking $450 Pictures
  4. I have new-in-box Browning Maxus 12ga shotgun for sale. It has a Realtree Timber paint job (idk if its cerakote or hydro dip). Included in the box are 3 choces and spacers to adjust the LOP. It is a very nice shotgun and would be great for the avid bird hunter. Asking $1400. The images I have provided are stock photos, but the actual gun looks exactly the same. Pictures
  5. For sale is a 1940s era Mosin Nagant. Unfortunately, the receiver has a pit where the last digit of the year is and I can't make out what it should say. Overall, this Mosin is pretty typical of any other Mosin you would find out in the world. It does have some minor pitting on bolt, floor plate, and on the barrel underneath the wood. I had it checked out by a gunsmith though and he assured me it was safe to fire. There is an arsenal repair on the right side of the buttstock. The bolt, floor plate, butt plate and receiver are all matching (actual, not forced). asking $375 pictures
  6. Up for sale is a Erfurt made K98a Mauser rifle chambered in 8mm. The K98a is the predecessor of the famed K98k. The "a" models were used in WWI as a carbine version of the Gewehr 98. This particular rifle was re-arsenaled in 1920 and approved for redistribution amongst the military in the interim period in Germany between WWI and WW2. The receiver, floor plate, butt plate, barrel and stock are all matching, but the bolt is not. The only missing part is the rear sight ladder slide locking mech. The bore and rifling are both in good condition. This rifle will make a fine shooter and addition to any collection! Make me an offer, I love to haggle. Not interested in trading for ARs or Shotguns unless its a trench gun. If you got any milsurps to trade, lemme know. Pics
  7. ISO gun kit assembler

    Howdy All, I recently bought a Bren MkII kit and am looking for someone who can put it together for me. I have all the pieces, just not the equipment to assemble it. Any help is appreciated
  8. WTS: Romarm WASR-10

    For sale is a very lightly used Romarm WASR-10. The metal parts have slight marks from the safety lever moving up and down, but the wood is flawless. I put 20 rounds through it to check for functionality and everything runs fine. Asking $1100 Pictures
  9. Howdy All, I recently a bought a Bren Mk2 kit and am looking for someone who has experience re-welding the receiver and putting it all together.
  10. WTS: Springfield 1903 MK1 $925

    you have any pictures?
  11. is it a Belgium or Japanese made? can you post pictures?
  12. WTS: WASR-10 NIB

    Ive got some old milsurp guns im trying to get rid of if you want to trade. I have two mosins and would include some cash
  13. Wanting to sell my Sante Fe '49 sporterized MAS 1936. It is still chambered in original 7.5 French. i can send pics if requested. Asking $350
  14. WTB AK47

    In the market for a used AK, hopefully a WASR 10/63.
  15. ISO Picatinny rail for 1919A4

    mine is SA. I thought about getting the AA sight because the field of view is so much larger. looking through the peep sight trying to hit a moving target is difficult for me. I was thinking if I could get a rail I could put a holo sigh or something with a broad FOV and be able to track my target better