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  1. Interested please contact me at 606-627-9444 thanks charles
  2. M80A1 7.62nato Lake City linked 4/1 in bandoliers

    Interested in the whole lot 606-627-9444 thanks charles
  3. WTB transferable m16’s mp5 SD or K let me know what you have available prefer form 3 but not a deal killer if on a form 4 thanks Charles
  4. WTB: collection

    Internet if this listing isn’t 606-627-9444 thanks charles
  5. Ares Defense Shrike Fightlite MCR

    I have two of the older ones along with 3 new old stock the two that are used run great. Any ammo with the mag no issues xm855 on a belt I have fired 10k plus in one upper with not 1 malfunction use spring in the kit with the washer in a carbine stock never a issue I have one on a sp1 also
  6. Transferable Vietnam Bring-Back AK47

    Interested maybe is this a rewield thanks
  7. WTB colt marked M16 only

    New to group but not to nfa weapons. Looking for a colt M16 marked m16 only not a1 or a2. Preferably in original condition with little to no handling marks. Preferably on form 3 but not a deal killer on a form 4. I keep up with current market sales and see what sales and what don’t if you have something I described I’m interested Text is best form of communication for me thanks Charles 606-627-9444