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  1. Price REDUCED!!! on 22lr 9" BARREL AND COLLAR new in tube!! $260.00 Shipped.
  2. Auto sear trip kit is Sold, Thanks
  3. NIP- CMMG auto sear trip kit $60.00 shipped Also CMMG 22lr barrel and Collar new in tube. never used $260.00 shipped PM or e-mail me for pictures jf1dillon@gmail.com JD
  4. Anyone else have this problem? And if so what solution did you come up with? The hammer pin and trigger pin are fine! Thanks JD
  5. WTB: Cmmg 22lr Trip Kit

    Mine is a CMMG! And it’s brand new from them. I sent you a text explaining. I have been tied up today and was not able drop everything and get back to you. I was just trying to help. JD
  6. WTB: Cmmg 22lr Trip Kit

    Sent PM I may have one. JD
  7. WTB. Coffin mags

    Looking to buy coffin mags. Thanks JD
  8. WTB. CMMG 22 auto sear trip kit

    Contact JD
  9. WTB. Lage 22 conversion

    Contact JD
  10. WTB-Lage Max11/22 conversion

  11. WTB-Lage Max11/22 conversion

    As stated looking to by Lage Max11/22. Contact JD
  12. WTB Lage M11/22 kit

    Hi guys, I’m looking for a Max11/22. Don’t mean to highjack your post! But if you have a Max22/11 I would be interested. JD
  13. M11/9 w/Lage package

    PM sent!! JD