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  1. WTS: H&R M16A1

    PM sent

    PM sent on m16a2
  3. Military Armament Corp. M10 MAC10 .45 w/ New GSL Suppressor

    Sold pending funds
  4. Excellent MAC 10 in .45 ACP Powder Springs, GA original. Mfg in 1972. Comes with GSL brand new suppressor. Comes with (7) 30 round magazines. Both will transfer eform 3. $12k shipped.
  5. Gemtech Halo 5.56 Suppressor

    Sold Pending Funds.
  6. Gemtech Halo 5.56 Suppressor

  7. Gemtech Halo 5.56 Suppressor

    Used as display model, approximately 200 rounds through it. Excellent condition Gemtech 5.56 Halo suppressor. As everyone knows this is great for people who don't want to buy multiple muzzle devices for their AR15s as this fits onto standard A1 and A2 flash hiders. The "grunt" suppressor as it was called. EFORM 3. Add 4% for cards. $500.00 Photos on request.
  8. Colt M16A1 RO653 Factory Carbine

    Sold pending funds.
  9. Colt M16A1 RO653 Factory Carbine

    Yes I replied, thank you
  10. Interested in the m16a1. Your description is "clean". On a 0-100 scale, how would you rate the condition. The pics look good. Thanks, Danny

    1. Youlen Enterprises Inc.

      Youlen Enterprises Inc.

      I would say it’s a 9+ certainly has not been used/shot much at all.

  11. Colt M16A1 RO653 Factory Carbine

    Very clean factory Colt M16A1 carbine model RO653 9.5 million serial number mfg 1983-1984. Eform 3 transfer. $36500 shipped.
  12. Factory Colt M16A1 Fully Transferable w/Complete Kit

    BTT..shipping and insurance included.
  13. WTS: Pre-sample AR10

    PM sent
  14. Colt M16A1 rifle w/ Additional Colt CAR 15 RO653 14.5" Upper and Stock Set. As well as factory Colt 3x20 scope with original box, and (1) original Colt 30 round magazine. $40K EFORM 3. Cards add 4%.
  15. WTB….Thompson pre may sample-m1a1 or 1928

    Looking for either m1a1 or 1928a1 pre sample.