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  1. I was also ripped off by this Christine czernick ,she said Tonya Butler has my GPS unit and will send it. I know have texted,called Christine and she said that she had no idea and never moved. But lives somewhere else. This Tonya Butler can be the real rip off artist. I was dumb so excited and new at online buying. Couldn't wait to get my simrad unit for my new boat. But $500 down the drain. I want to try for a class action suit it seems that she has ripped many people off in many websites. Bdoutdoors has her on there ripping guys off with fishing gear. It's sad I'd love to burn her for this shit. I will not forget and want her homeless and selling herself instead of fake things. I'm mad
  2. I was in her website,and have her address.Shes been doing it for a long time. I want to sue the person I wrote the money order too. I'm not sure how to sue her or report it but I'm going to find out.The Facebook page I wrote her she replied then blocked me. Any advice would be nice,Her address is 5080 W 800 S North Judson,Indiana 46366. Christine Czerniak
  3. DO NOT buy from that woman. I just got ripped off for $500 for a chartplotter for fishing. I am going to go to the cops and see how to sue her