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  1. The Gunner's Mate is a FFL/SOT Dealer located in Little Rock, AR. Our email is, I tend to check email more often than messages here. We have plenty of A+ ratings on Gunbroker and our main website is Up for sale is a Springfield Armory converted M1A to select fire and comes in a M14E1 configuration. Asking price is $13,000. I do not respond to lowballs and trade/WTB offers. Payment can be made by money order or check. There are no returns, exchanges, full and partial refunds. Sold as-is, all sales final. Shipping is $120 by FedEx 2nd Day Air. We transfer only on eFile Form 3s. No local pickup. As far as condition goes, it is like new. I'm not even sure it has even been fired by the owner. Everything in the box is still there, paperwork, etc. Please use the Google Drive link to view more photos in much better quality of the weapon.
  2. The Gunner's Mate is a FFL/SOT Dealer located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Please correspond with us at I check my email more often than I do messages here. We have plenty of A+ ratings on Gunbroker, and our main website is if you are concerned about verifying us. We have about 20 .22 suppressors and a couple larger caliber suppressors up for sale. Due to the absolutely saturated market and our need to offload them, a hefty discount will be given. For every additional suppressor you purchase, get 10% taken off your entire order. Up to 50% off total the selling price. Payment can be made through money order or check. Shipping will be USPS $25 for an individual suppressor, though if you buy more than one I will combine shipping where possible. There are no full and partial refunds, or exchanges, all items sold as-is. I'm pretty confident most of the silencerss here are in new condition. As always, I only e-file Form 3's. We do not offer local pickup. Here is a list of the suppressors and SBR/suppressor combos we have up for grabs. I have a Google Drive folder with the photos of many of these suppressors here: There are no photos of the SBR combos, due to COVID-19 it may take me a day or two to get photos of them. Also in the folder are photos of Tactical Solution SBX barrels for the 10/22. If you are interested, make us an offer. Here's a couple photos of the suppressors up for grabs. Better quality images can be found in the Drive link.
  3. WTS: Pre-86 Dealer Sample SMGs, MP28, M3A1, Mauser 712

    BTT. Prices lowered.
  4. WTS: Pre-86 Dealer Sample SMGs, MP28, M3A1, Mauser 712

    MP40 and Austen are both sold, MP28, M712, and M3 are all still available.
  5. First sell post on here, but if you have bought from The Gunner's Mate on Gunbroker before, then you have dealt with me before. I am selling these as the owner has had me employed to liquidate his inventory of NFA. There are currently five pre-May 86 samples I am offering up for sale at this time. This means you do not need a law letter for us to transfer to any valid FFL/SOT. Due to the size of this post, please DM for additional photos. Serious inquiries only, and SOT holding buyers only!!! We only accept cash payment methods. Ex. check and money order. We do not have layaway, however payment can be broken in two, half before Form 3 is filed, and half after. Otherwise, payment must be made in full upfront. I have additional items for sale, including transferable full autos. You can contact me at for any other inquires, and I do not generally accept phone calls as I have a busy work schedule. As always, all sales are final, items are sold as-is, we do not allow in person inspections. We do not accept trades, or offers. Emails inquiring as such will be ignored! Our asking price is our lowest selling price. Edit: Shipping will be $100 on all items listed on this post MP 28 II serial # 11612. Caliber 7.63mm Mauser $7200 (Reduced from $7500) Magazine well is marked "MP28II System Schmeisser Patent" and the serial. Shows evident signs of refurbishment. Finish is not original, however parts are original. I have not testfired this weapon, but can be requested only by serious buyers. Will come with a couple of magazines, and sling. Guidelamp M3A1 "Grease Gun" serial # 646469 .45 ACP $9700 (Reduced from $10,000) Original parkerizing and all matching Guidelamp M3A1. This weapon was testfired to satisfaction. Magazine well is marked "Guidelamp US No 646469". Will include sling and at least two magazines. Mauser 712 1932 7.63mm serial # 36841 Mauser auto pistol $6700 (Reduced from $7000) Original finish and condition. Has not been testfired, and comes with only one magazine. I do not have the stock that this pistol would have typically come with.